Disney 8 Count Box Collection

This is the Disney 8 count Crayola box crayons.  Notice the continuation of pattern on all three boxes, they did a really good job designing these.  The Princess Collection features three Disney princesses, Merida, Rapunzel and Ariel. My daughter absolutely loves these ones. She just wishes they had a Cinderella one.  The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collection features Donald, Goofy and Mickey. My kids love these ones too. I wish they'd included Minnie in these ones though. The Avengers Assemble boxes feature Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America. My kids love these ones! I did have one boy request a Spiderman box. The other boxes are boxes based on Disney Junior shows.

The first set of boxes on the left were sold exclusively at Target in 2014.  I think they were definitely targeting collectors with this series because they were wrapped in plastic, hidden by the front registers, and cost five dollars a box. The other set, the Disney Junior set were manufactured in 2014, but were not featured in stores until January 2015.  I unfortunately missed the original release of the boxes, and saw them on eBay later.  Luckily a collector friend sent me these.  I hope to find some more, because my daughter kids absolutely love this series of boxes, much more than the original set, of which I have plenty of extras.

Collecting Information
8 Count Crayola Disney Princess Crayons: Merida, Rapunzel, Ariel
8 Count Crayola Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Crayons: Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey Mouse
8 Count Crayola Avengers Assemble Crayons: Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America
8 Count Crayola Doc McStuffins Crayons: Lambie, Doc, Haley
8 Count Crayola Jack and the Neverland Priates Crayons: Izzy and Cubby, Jake, Captian Hook
8 Count Crayola Sophia the First Crayons: Fairies, Sophia, Amber and James
Year: 2014
What's inside the box: Coming soon, Disney Junior boxes
Purchase information: Target and friend
Where to buy: eBay and Amazon
Style Number: 
52-4363 (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), 52-4364 (Disney Princess)52-4365 (Avengers Assemble), 52-4376 (Doc McStuffins Crayons), 52-4377 (Sophia the 1st Crayola Crayons), 52-4378 (Jake and the Neverland Pirates Crayola Crayons)
Code Number:
52-4363-A-000 (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Crayons as a set), 52-4363-0-200 (Mickey), 52-4363-0-220 (Donald), 52-4363-0-240 (Goofy),
52-4364-A-000 (Disney Princess Crayons as a set), 52-4364-0-200 (Merida), 52-4364-0-220 (Rapunzel), 52-4364-02-400 (Ariel),
52-4365-A-000, (Avenger Assemble Crayons as a set), 52-4365-0-200 (Captain America), 52-4365-0-220 (Hulk), 52-4365-0-240 (Iron Man),
52-4376-0-350 (Doc McStuffins Crayons), 52-4376-0-200 (Lambie Crayons), 52-4376-0-220 (Doc McStuffins), 52-4376-0-240 (Haley),
52-4377-0-350 (Sophia the 1st Crayola Crayons), 52-4377-0-200 (Fairies), 52-4377-0-220 (Sophia), 52-4377-0-240 (Amber and James),
52-4378-0-350 (Jake and the Neverland Pirates Crayola Crayons), 52-4378-0-200 (Izzie and Cubby), 52-4378-0-220 (Jake), 52-4378-0-240 (Captain Hook)

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