96 Count Crayola Limited Edition "Name the New Colors": What's Inside the Box

Crayola first made the 96 Big Box of Crayons in 1992 and introduced the "Name the New Colors" contest. They included a special sleeve with the crayons that said, "For the first time ever we're letting you pick the names and win great prizes in the Crayola 'Name the New Colors' Contest".
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96 Limited Edition "Name the New Colors"

In 1993 they released the new crayons. On the back of the 96 count box they said,

"In 1993, the Crayola brand celebrated its 90th birthday with the biggest of crayons in history.  The 96 count Big Box introduced 16 new colors to the Crayola crayon family.  It offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to people from coast to coast to name a Crayola crayon color.  Crayola fans, young and old, sent in more than 1,500,000 colorful names in hopes of securing a place in Crayola history.

This Limited Edition Big Box also plays a role in Crayola crayon history.  For the first time, our crayons have been named by someone other than the people at Crayola.  And never before has anyone’s personal name appeared on a Crayola crayon label." Since that time many of these colors have become standard in the Crayola family.

Here are the winners with the color names,
tropical rain forest, Walker Watson, Age: 6
robin's egg blue, Christopher Straub, Age: 6
cerise, Connie Johson, Age: 32
tickle me pink, Sam Marcus, Age: 12
macaroni and cheese, Adrienne Watral, Age:
tumbleweed, Julee Robinson, Age: 33
asparagus, Sharon Kopriva, Age: 45
granny smith apple, Ashley Rempe, Age: 11
purple mountain’s majesty, Mildred Sampson, Age: 89
timber wolf, Katherine Donohoue, Age: 42
denim, Sherry Powell, Age: 44
shamrock, Patricia A. Hoh, Age: 11
razzmatazz, Laura Bartolomei-Hill, Age: 5 ½
wisteria, Lisa Maclldoon, Age: 17
mauvelous, Susan Rissover, Age: 31
pacific blue, Dharam Kaur Khalso, Age: 40

This was the first time that Crayola had fans name the new color in a crayon box. In 2017 Crayola retired Dandelion and is having fans name a new crayon color.

Collecting Information
This was my very first 96 big box of Crayola Crayons and the fourth 96 big box of crayons the company actually made since the code number is 204.  This box came out in 1993 and featured the "Name the New Colors" contest winners. When I first saw these I knew I had to have them.  I do not remember if I asked for them for my birthday or I saved up my pennies.  Regardless when I got them I was so excited.  There were so many colors to choose from. I spent HOURS arranging them by color, type, etc.  I adored this box. I also colored a lot with them too as you can see from the pictures in this post. I loved the new colors, my favorites were Robin's egg blue, denim and macaroni and cheese. The bigger boxes of crayons are definitely my favorite since they are so big and have so many colors in them. I like having so many colors to choose from.

Boxes: 96 Crayola Big Box of Crayons, Limited Edition Featuring "Name the New Colors" Contest Winners!
Other boxes: 96 Big Box of crayons with 16 New Colors, "Name the Colors" Contest (1992)
Year: 1993
What's inside the box: pacific blue, mauvelous, wisteria, razzmatazz, shamrock, denim, timber wolf, purple mountain's majesty, granny smith apple, asparagus, tumbleweed, macaroni and cheese, tickle me pink, cerise, robin's egg blue, tropical rain forest, sky blue, yellow green, bittersweet, apricot, melon, cornflower, salmon, thistle, aquamarine, teal blue, magic mint, turquoise blue, blue green, cadet blue, olive green, carnation pink, forest green, gray, white, goldenrod, gold, silver, mahogany, burnt orange, burnt sienna, indian red, sepia, raw sienna, tan, peach, copper, black, brick red, red, fuchsia, wild strawberry, violet red, red violet, brown, yellow orange, orange, dandelion, yellow, blue, violet (purple), plum, royal purple, red orange, lavender, blue violet, maroon, orchid, mulberry, magenta, navy blue, cerulean, midnight blue, perwinkle, jungle green, pine green, green, sea green, spring green, green yellow, outrageous orange, blizzard blue, wild watermelon, screamin' green, razzle dazzle rose, shocking pink unmellow yellow, radical red, sunglow, vivid tangerine, neon carrot, purple pizzazz, hot magenta, atomic tangerine, electric lime
Purchase Information: Local Grocery Store in 1990's
Where to buy: eBay or antique store
Style Number: 52-0096
Code Number: 52-0096-0-204
UPC: 071662000967
1993 96 Limited Edition "Name the New Colors"


  1. My favorite was also "macaroni and cheese" and I wish I had been the one to name it.

    1. i have that box but its the new version

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Try here.


  3. I have only the #12 crayon from the 1992 issue of this box no name on it. Was hoping to find more but this was my little brother's box. I just found it today as my sister sent it from my mom's house to my boys several years ago.the box is in about the same condition as yours, but still has the white holder that states name the colors contest. Only some of the crayons inside are from this box. Many children have played with theseđź’—
    I love crayons and I think your collection is great and a great reference.

  4. I just found our family's box like this.it was the 1992 issue with no names on the colors....unfortunately I only have the #12 all the others are gone. My boys use them, my nephews and niece, many children have had so much fun with this almost 30 year old box of crayons!
    I love your collection, and I think it is a great reference.

  5. I just found my Crayola crayons 96 box.. still intact, with names coming soon on them .. is this box worth anything?

  6. We just found a brand new box from 1993 in a little thrift store for 50 cents