4 Count Crayola Build Your Box Chalk: What's Inside the Box

I feel in love with the Crayola Build Your Box chalk when I first saw it at Walmart. It is very similar to the Pick Your Pack Boxes crayon boxes sold at Target. Each box features a fun theme with colors coordinating with that theme. On the back of the boxes it says, "These collectible Sidewalk Chalk packs have specially selected colors with vibrant themes to jumpstart your imagination.  Mix and match packs to make your own custom color combinations...then head outside to create some BIG TIME outdoor art!"  

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I think Crayola intended for collectors to want to collect this item because of what they said on the back, "collectible".  I do not know of many people who have collected it and barely decided to myself. I did not buy this chalk at first because of the high price point, and I did not have a lot of chalk collected.  I later saw it at the Crayola Store in Kansas City and then at JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels.  I bought it when there was a sale making it about $.75 instead of $1.50.  It is kind of hard to store chalk since it is so wide.  I keep it in a smaller storage box that is about the width of the box.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 4 Count Crayola Build Your Box Chalk, Arctic Fire (2014), Camouflage Barrage (2014), Cool Blue Sky (2014), Desert Dawn (2014), Fiesta (2014), Jungle Jim (2014), Martian Moon (2014), Petal Power (2014), Pool Party (2015), Shiver Me Timbers (2014), Spring Fever (2015), Stars & Stripes (2014), Summer Shades (2014), Surf's Up (2014), Sweet Tooth (2015), T-Rex Effects (2014), Thunder & Lightning (2014), Very Berry (2014)
Other Boxes: World's of Adventure Theme Pack (16 count), Summer Fun Theme Pack (16 count)
Year: 2014, 2015
What's inside the box: 
Arctic Fire-Cornflower, Orange, Blue Green, Red Orange
Camouflage Barrage-Black, Sepia, Green, Green Yellow
Cool Blue Sky-Sky Blue, Cornflower, Cerulean, Blue
Desert Dawn-Violet red, Goldenrod, Mahogony, Scarlet
Fiesta-Red Violet, Green, Yellow, Cerulean
Jungle Jim-Green, Brown, Blue Green, Mahogany
Martian Moon-Yellow, Green, Blue Violet, Gray
Petal Power-Red, Blue Violet, Granny Smith Apple, Goldenrod
Pool Party-Dandelion, Orange, Blue Green, Scarlet
Shiver Me Timbers-Red, Goldenrod, Brown, Timberwolf
Spring Fever-Lavender, Green, Orange, Wisteria
Stars & Stripes-Yellow, Blue, White, Red
Summer Shades-Golden Rod, Green, Blue Green, Orange
Surf's Up-Sea Green, Tan, Blue Green, Blue
Sweet Tooth-Dandelion, White, Tan, Red Violet
T-Rex Effects-Gray, Chestnut, Yellow Green, Red Orange
Thunder & Lightning-White, Black, Green Yellow, Blue
Very Berry-Red Violet, Red, Blue Green, Blue Violet
Purchase Information: JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels 2015
Where to buy:  JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Amazon, eBay, Crayola Store for now
Style Number: 03-5213 (Arctic Fire), 03-5209 (Camouflage Barrage), 03-5205 (Cool Blue Sky), 03-5202 (Desert Dawn), 03-5201 (Fiesta), 03-5208 (Jungle Jim), 03-5203 (Martian Moon), 03-5218 (Petal Power), 03-5217 (Pool Party), 03-5207 (Shiver Me Timbers), 03-5216 (Spring Fever), 03-5204 (Stars & Stripes), 03-5206 (Summer Shades), 03-5210 (Surf's Up), 03-5211 (Sweet Tooth), 03-5215 (T-Rex Effects), 03-5212 (Thunder & Lightning), 03-5214 (Very Berry)
Code Numbers: 03-5213-0-300 (Arctic Fire), 03-5209-0-300 (Camouflage Barrage), 03-5205-0-300 (Cool Blue Sky), 03-5202-0-300 (Desert Dawn), 03-5201-0-300 (Fiesta), 03-5208-0-300 (Jungle Jim), 03-5203-0-300 (Martian Moon), 03-5218-0-300 (Petal Power), 03-5217-0-301 (Pool Party), 03-5207-0-300 (Shiver Me Timbers), 03-5216-0-301 (Spring Fever), 03-5206-0-300 (Summer Shades), 03-5204-0-300 (Stars & Stripes), 03-5210-0-300 (Surf's Up), 03-5211-0-301 (Sweet Tooth), 03-5215-0-300 (T-Rex Effects), 03-5212-0-300 (Thunder & Lightning), 03-5214-0-300 (Very Berry)
UPC: 071662352134 (Arctic Fire), 071662352097 (Camouflage Barrage), 071662352059 (Cool Blue Sky), 071662352028 (Desert Dawn), 071662352011 (Fiesta), 071662152086 (Jungle Jim), 071662520304 (Martian Moon), 071662152062 (Petal Power), 071662352172 (Pool Party), 071662252076 (Shiver Me Timbers), 071662352165 (Spring Fever), 071662152062 (Summer Shades), 071662352042 (Stars & Stripes), 071662052102 (Surf's Up), 071662352110 (Sweet Tooth), 071662352158 (T-Rex Effects), 071662352127 (Thunder & Lightning), 071662352141 (Very Berry)

Build Your Box Washable Sidewalk Chalk

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