Crayola Washable Kids Paint: What's Inside the Box

Crayola has been making Washable paints for a long time.  I love using them for my kids projects.  While I really like using acrylic paints, they are super messy with kids, these paints are washable and come off very easily. Acrylic paint will come out generally if caught before it dries, if not it does not come out very easier.  I was super surprised and excited to find this display at Michael's that had 34 individual paints.  I of course wanted to buy them all, but that was not feasible.  I picked out my favorite or my daughters favorite the glitter series. It also comes with a matching clear carrying caddy which I also bought and love and my daughter promptly claimed to use for her colored pencils.  I have a feeling I will have to get another one to store other supplies. I love clear containers.

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 I like the individual bottles better.  If the bottles from the 6 or 10 back get separated which is bound to happen with kids, it will be easier to remember what the color name of the paint is.  I hope Crayola sells paints like this for years to come. Crayola also sells Tempera and Acrylic paints, which I did not own.  They are not washable, but I am excited to try them out someday for some more permanent projects.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 6 Crayola Washable Kids' Paints, 8 Individual Crayola Washable Kids' Paint
Other Boxes: 10 Washable Kids' Paint Neon Colors, 10 Washable Kids' Paint Classic Colors, 6 Washable Kids' Paints Glitter Colors
Year: 2013 (Washable Kids' Paint), 2014 (Individual Paints)
What's inside the box: 
6 Washable Kids' Paint, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet
Individual Paints, Atomic Tangerine Neon,  Black, Blue, Blue Attitude Neon, Blue Shimmer Glitter, Blue Silver Metallic, Brown, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Granny Smith Apple. Green, Green Gleam Glitter. Green Ore Metallic. Jazzberry Jam. Mango Tango, Orange, Orange Sparkle Glitter, Peachy Keen, Radical Red Neon, Red, Red Sparks Glitter, Red-Hot Iron Metallic, Screamin’ Green Neon, Shocking Pink Neon, Tickle Me Pink, Turquoise Surf, Unmellow Yellow Neon, Violet, Violet Flicker Glitter,  White, Yellow, Yellow Blazes Glitter, Yellow Gold Metallic
Purchase Information: 6 Washable Kids' Paint-Target, Individual paints-Michaels
Where to buy:  any store that sells Crayola products, individual paints from Michaels
Style Numbers: 54-1204 (6 Washable Paints)
Individual Paints, 54-2269 (Tickle Me Pink), 54-2270 (Red Sparks), 54-2282 (Red-Hot Iron), 54-2272 (Yellow Blazes), 52-2271 (Orange Gitter), 52-2273 (Green Gleam), 54-2274 (Blue Shimmer), 54-2275 (Violet Flitter)
Code Numbers: 54-1204-0-212 (6 Washable Paints)
UPC Numbers:  071662112042 (6 Washable Paints)

 2013 6 Washable Kids' Paints

2014 Individual Crayola Washable Kids' Paint

2014 Paint Carrying Caddy

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