Crayola Special Edition 100 Count Crayons: What's Inside the Box

The year before Crayola turned 100 years, when Crayola made it's very first box of crayons, Crayola released the Special Edition 100 Crayons box.  Crayola would retired four of the five following crayons; magic mint, blizzard blue, burnt sienna, mulberry and teal blue in the Save the Shade contest.  Voters voted for the colors online on Crayola's website.  To replace the four colors that were retiring Crayola was holding a simultaneous contest Name the New Colors, where people could name the new crayon colors.  The color that was saved was burnt sienna and the new color names were jazzberry jam, mango tango, inch worm and wild blue yonder.

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This box is really neat because it is a gold box, a color not used very often on boxes.  It also features a birthday cake.  A little bit of trivia is this box is actually a 96 count box stuffed with 4 crayons stuffed to make it 100.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Special Edition 100 Crayons featuring the Name the New Colors and Save the Shade
Other Boxes: Canada Special Edition 100 Crayons
Year: 2002
What's inside the box: apricot, asparagus, atomic tangerine, bittersweet, black, blizzard blue, blue, blue violet, blue-green, brick red, brown, burnt orange, burnt sienna, cadet blue, carnation pink, cerise, chestnut, copper, cornflower, cerulean, dandelion, denim, electric lime, forest green, fuchsia, gold, goldenrod, granny smith apple, green, green-yellow, grey, hot magenta, indigo, jungle green, laser lemon, lavender, macaroni and cheese, magenta, magic mint, mahogany, maroon, mauvelous, melon, midnight blue, mulberry, navy blue, neon carrot, olive green, orange, orchid, outrageous orange, pacific blue, peach, periwinkle, pine green, plum, purple mountain's majesty, purple pizzazz, radical red, raw sienna, razzle dazzle rose, razzmatazz, red, red-orange, red-violet, robin's egg blue, royal purple, salmon, scarlet, screamin' green, sea green, sepia, shamrock, shocking pink, silver, sky blue, spring green, sunglow, tan, teal blue, tickle me pink, timber wolf, tropical rain forest, tumbleweed, turquoise blue, unmellow yellow, violet (purple), violet-red, vivid tangerine, white, wild strawberry, wild watermelon, wisteria, yellow, yellow green, yellow-orange, crayon # 1, crayon # 2, crayon # 3, crayon # 4
Purchase Information: Gift
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 52-0096 (crayon box and 4 crayons)
Code Numbers: 52-0096-0-250 (crayon box), 52-0096-0-963 (4 crayons)
UPC: 071662000967

2002 Crayola Special Edition 100 Crayons


  1. Do you know what the value of these would be today? I just found a box packed away :)

  2. What are dollar general's imagine crayons like?