10 Count Crayola Power Line Scented Markers: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Power Lines Scented Project Markers can draw very thick lines, but they can be used to draw thin lines too. Even though it is not emphasized on the front of the package these markers are washable.  And to add to it they are scented too!  Double win.  I really hope that this means Crayola is making it's way back into the scented market and some scented crayons appear soon.

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These markers are really nice and have a very nice wrapper on printed on the outside, in color.  They also feature all the names of the markers, something Crayola does not always do and drives me crazy when they do not. I am really excited for these markers.
Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola 10 Count Power Lines Project Markers, Scented & Vibrant
Other Boxes: 6 Count Power Lines-seen at Walgreens, Individual Markers seen at Kroger Stores and Walgreens
Year: 2014
What's inside the box: Tropical Punch Magenta, Cherry Pop Red, Orange Burst, Lemon Zeal Yellow, Amp'd Green Apple, Sky Blue Breeze, Berry Fusion Blue, Purple Grape Zing, Root Beer Blast Brown, Crispy Marshmallow Black
Purchase Information: Crayola Store
Where to buy:  Target, Staples, Crayola Store, Toys R Us, Amazon, eBay
Style Numbers: 58-8194
Code Numbers: 58-8194-0-200
UPC: 071662081942
Manufacturing Location: China

2014 Power Lines Scented Project Markers

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