8 Count Crayola Write Start Colored Pencils: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Write Start Colored Pencils are made for little kids.  They are a perfect shape to fit a little kids hand and will not roll as easy when placed on a surface.  The pencils have a thicker leads, and will leave more color when used on a page. They are also cute, with pictures of animals, flowers and food on them. I also love the plain wood design of the pencil.  It makes it look really rustic.  I bought this box a few years ago.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Count Crayola Write Start Colored Pencils
Other Boxes: Probably at least 5-6 other boxes, this is -204 and there is another current box
Year: 2003
What's inside the box: black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, brown
Purchase Information: Drugstore
Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, any store that sells Crayola products
Style Numbers: 68-4108
Code Numbers: 68-4108-0-204
UPC: 071662041083

2003 8 Write Start Colored Pencils

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