6 Count Crayola Fluorescent Markers: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola fluorescent markers came out in 1990 with the rerelease of the fluorescent crayons.  The crayons had been around for years, but this is the first year the markers came out (I think because of the -200 code number). I found the 1998 box of Crayola Fluorescent markers surprisingly this year at a teacher supply store.  I was shocked.  The box is from 1998 and it still works!  I had to pick them up even though they were a lot more money than a normal 6 pack of markers.  I have always been partial to bright colors.

It is interesting to note that the 1990 markers are washable whereas the 1998 markers are not washable.  I wonder why Crayola changed this detail for the two markers.  The names in both boxes are the same. I wonder if they made two lines of fluorescent markers washable and washable for years. The style number 58-7848 belongs to the washable fluorescent markers and the 58-7748 belongs to the non washable fluorescent markers.

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Pictures for markers on the right provide by Stacey Hodges
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The code number is not on the back of these boxes, but on the inside flap on top.  I forgot about it when I was taking the picture and will get a picture soon.  This is one my oldest box of markers, even though I bought it only this year.  I am sad there is not a good website to find information on Crayola marker history.  Hopefully with time and with people sharing their photos, the story of the Crayola marker can come together more.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 6 Crayola Fluorescent Markers
Year: 1990, 1998
Other Boxes: There are 3 boxes inbetween because of the code nubmers -200 and -204
What's inside the box: 
1990 & 1998 markers: electric blue, glowing green, neon yellow, fiery orange, hot magenta, shocking pink
Purchase Information: School Supply Store and Stacey Hodges collection
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon
Style Numbers: 58-7848 (1990 markers), 58-7748 (1998 markers)
Code Numbers: 58-7848-0-200 (1990 markers), 58-7748-0-204 (1998 markers)
UPC: 071662078485 (1990 markers), 071662077488 (1998 markers)
Patents: 4,969,766 Cap for marking instruments
When I looked at this patent I was expecting it to be about fluorescent markers, but it is not.  It is about the marker cap.  The cap is specifically designed to be airtight when on the marker, but able to pass air when removed from the marker.  Want to know why?  It is in case someone ingests it, they will still be able to breathe.
Manufacturing Location: USA

1998 6 Fluorescent Markers

1990 Washable Fluorescent Markers

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