6 Count Crayola Glitter Markers: What's Inside the Box

I have had many glittery pens before, but the Crayola Glitter Markers are my favorite.  They are super glittery and super bold.  The marker does not have to be colored much, unlike the pens for the color to be seen.  I got this package as a gift from my husband and kids. I love the packaging too, packaging that can be opened and closed.  The markers are also named, another plus.  I can not wait to get the sister to this package, the metallic markers.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 6 Crayola Glitter Markers
Year: 2014
Other Boxes: Metallic Markers
What's inside the box: Gold Medal, Violet Glitz, Emerald Zest, Silver Sparks, Fire Flecks, Blue Blazes
Purchase Information: gift
Where to buy: Amazon , eBay, or Any place that sells Crayola items
Style Numbers: 58-8629
Code Numbers: 58-8629-0-200
UPC: 071662286293

2014 Glitter Markers

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