DryErase Fine Line Markers: What's Inside the Box

I am very excited to try the Crayola Dry Erase Fine Line Markers.  I have been using a dry erase board more at home and not all of the markers erase very well.  I can not wait to try these out and see if they work better than the other ones I have. 

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It is interesting to note that the back of the box is not in color, it is in black and white.  Crayola also pointed out these markers had a different design and would not get mistaken for the other markers, which is a great point.  We have all our Crayola markers in a container, pip-squeaks, regular, and dry erase.  My son uses all of them to draw on his dry erase board. Another interesting note is these markers fall in the 98 style family instead of the usual 58 marker style family.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 4 Crayola DryErase Fine Line Markers
Year: 2010
Other Boxes: This is box -102, there are probably two before it
What's inside the box: red, green, blue, black
Purchase Information: JoAnn Frabrics
Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, or Any place that sells Crayola items
Style Numbers: 98-8629
Code Numbers: 98-8629-0-102
UPC: 071662086299

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