Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers can be used to draw thin or thick lines.  I love them.  I use them for a variety of reasons.  These boxes are special because they contain scented markers. Only the scented markers in the 50 count box are named.  That drives me a little crazy when they are not named as I have said often.  I love color names, why not include them?  It is also interesting to note that the scented names in this package are some of the same scents they have used in some of the Doodle Scents, a box I have not been able to find in the United States yet, just 16 of the 18 colors.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 24 Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers, 50 Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers
Year: 2010
Other Boxes: These are -109 and -269 code numbers, there are numerous other boxes.
What's inside the box: 24 Count box-no names, 50 count (only scented colors named)-Cherry, Wild Berry, Orange, Lemon, Honeysuckle, Green Apple, Forest Pine, Fresh Air, Bay Breeze, Vanilla, Burnt Marshmallow, Spice
Purchase information: Gift
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon (50 count)
Style Numbers: 58-1849 (24 Count), 58-5050 (50 Count)
Code Numbers: 58-1849-0-109 (24 Count), 58-5050-0-269 (50 Count)
Patent: 5,968,241 Washable coloring composition
UPC: 071662018498 (24 count), 071662505042 (50 count)

2010 24 Super Tips Washable Markers

2010 50 Super Tips Washable Markers


  1. Hi Jenny . What color can I sub in for fuchsia. I have the 50 pack super tips and find the colors are so close to red that are also called for in my color by number coloring book. The pics also call for red close to the same area the fushia is called for.
    Or what pack can I find the colors fuchsia and magenta as well in?
    Thanks Jenny ! Claire

  2. cool! the 20 scented supertips are: Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Green Apple, Burnt Marshmallow. Jeffrey