20 Count Crayola Super Tips Markers: What's Inside the Box

I got these 20 count Crayola Super Tips markers as a gift.  The fine tip markers are my favorite markers, and Super Tips did not disappoint.  Sadly I let people use these markers and they got lost.  This is not the first box of Super Tips, I know they came out around the late 90's or early 2000's.  An one thing that super bugs me that I say every time is these markers are not labeled with color names.  That drives me crazy.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 20 Non-Toxic Crayola Markers Super Tips
Year: 2002
Other Boxes: This is -104 box, there are probably 5 other previous boxes.
What's inside the box: colors are not marked
Purchase information: Gift
Where to buy: eBay or more recent box on Amazon
Style Numbers: 58-8106
Code Numbers: 58-8106-0-104
UPC: 071662081065
Patent: 5,968,241 Washable coloring composition

2002 20 Super Tips Markers

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