Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers Color MAX: What's Inside the Box

In 2014 Crayola came out with the Ultra-Clean Washable Markers ColorMAX.  I love washable markers and would recommend them all day.  My son usually colors with them and when he is done I grab a wet paper towel and wipe it up.  That easy.  I like all the different assortments of colors in the Bold, Bright, Classic and Tropical colors.  The best time of year to get these is during the Back to School sales.  They are so much cheaper.

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Click here to get the swatch charts for all the Crayola markers.
The only thing I would change with these markers is if the markers that are very light had easier to read labels.  Sometimes they are so hard to read, especially yellows and tropical colors.  There is also a box of 12 markers in this post.  It is really called Classic Colors plus 2 probably because the two included are not classic colors and Crayola wanted to make sure people knew it was a classic box and not an assorted box of which they have named boxes before.

Collecting Information Boxes: 10 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Classic Colors 10 Markers, 10 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX  Tropical Colors Markers, 10 Crayola  Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Bright Colors Markers,  Crayola 10 + 2 Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Classic Colors Markers
Year: 2014 (Classic Colors), 2014 (Bold Colors), 2014 (Bright Colors), 2014 (Tropical Colors), 2014 (Classic Colors +2), 2014 (8 Colors)
Other Boxes: This is the original Ultra-Clean Washable Classic colors and the second Bold colors box.
What's inside the box: Classic Colors: gray, pink, black, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, violet (purple), brown Bold Colors: cooper, primrose, raspberry, pumpkin, golden yellow, azure, kiwi, emerald, teal, plum, Bright Colors: electric lime, laser lemon, orange circuit, hot pink, hot magenta, infra red, blue bolt, battery charged blue, graphic green, ultra violet, Tropical Colors: tropical violet, parrot pink, coral reef, sandy tan, blue lagoon, turquoise surf, sea foam green, palm leaf, dolphin gray
Classic Colors +2: gray, pink, black, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, violet (purple), brown, turquoise surf, hot magenta
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: Amazon (Classic Colors)Amazon (Tropical Colors)Amazon (Bold Colors)Amazon (Bright Colors), eBay
Style Numbers: 58-7851 (Classic Colors), 58-7853 (Bold Colors), 58-7855 (Bright Colors), 58-7856 (Tropical Colors), 58-7860 (Classic Colors +2), 58-7808 (8 Count)
Code Numbers: 58-7851-0-200 (Classic Colors), 58-7853-0-201 (Bold Colors), 58-7855-201 (Bright Colors), 58-7856-0-201 (Tropical Colors), 58-7860-0-200 (Classic Colors +2), 58-7808-0-227 (8 Count)
UPC Numbers: 071662078515 (Classic Colors), 071662078539 (Bold Colors), 071662078553 (Bright Colors), 071662078560 (Tropical Colors), 071662078607 (Classic Colors +2), 071662078089 (8 Colors)
Patent: 5968241, Washable coloring composition

2014 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Markers, Bold Colors

2014 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Markers, Bright Colors

2014 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Markers, Classic Colors

2014 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Markers, Tropical Colors

2015 Crayola 10 + 2 Bonus Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Classic Colors Markers

2014 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable ColorMAX Markers, 8 Classic Colors


  1. Very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Do you know which colors are in the broad line multi-cultural boxes (8&10 ct)? Thx!