Crayola Color Wonder Planes Coloring Pad and Markers: What's Inside the Package

My mother bought the Crayola Planes Color Wonder Coloring Book for my son.  He did not use it as much at first, but now that he is older, he loves it.  He loves the Planes movies and Dusty.  The only frustrating thing for him is that he does not understand why when he colors the clouds white, they do not change color.  I know they purposely did this, but it seems a little much in my mind.  The kids should be able to color the clouds the color they want.

Color Wonder are special markers that will only color on Color Wonder paper.  We have a few Color Wonder sets and I bought a blank coloring pad.  The only drawback is when the paper runs out the markers will not work anymore and more paper will need to be bought.  It is definitely more expensive than normal paper.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Color Wonder Planes Coloring Pad and Markers
Year: 2014
What's inside the box: 18 Page Coloring Book and 5 Color Wonder Markers
Purchase Information: Gift
Where to buy: Amazon or ebay
Style Numbers: 75-2134
Code Numbers: 75-2134-6-591
Patent: 6,124,377, Marking System
UPC Numbers: 

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