20 Count Crayola Dynamic Duos Super Tips Markers: What's Inside the Box

I was on a date at Target with my husband when I saw this awesome Crayola Dynamic Duos Super Tips markers set.  The Dynamic Duos set feature colors that color well together. Some are complimentary and some are lighter versions of the same color. I immediately had to get it.  I was so excited when I opened it and saw new color names for the scented markers. The colors are complimentary to one another as seen in the picture below. Crayola has been coming out with scented markers the last few years, Pip-Scents, Doodle Scents, Powerlines, and many others.  These are new unique flavors.  And they even renamed the matching SuperTips that go with them.  I am really in love with this set of markers. I love Super Tips and I love smelly markers.

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An interesting note is the box says it is a 20 piece set.  It has 20 markers and a case.  The case does not snap back together really well.  I attached the tap box set back to it and it stays together. I do this because the case does not have information on it and I want the information on it.  I would have been better if they made it a regular box or if they made a better snap case and put on the information as a sticker.  But it is definitely better than some packaging.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Washable Super Tips Dynamic Duos Markers 20+ Piece set
Year: 2016
Other Boxes: This is the first one.  It has a -300 code number
What's inside the box: lobster red-melon mashup, light oragne-cheesy popcorn, bright green-key lime whip, bottle green-sour green apples, turquoise-sea & sky swirl, blue-navy blueberry twist, geranium-fruit punch remix, raspberry-cotton candy, burnt brown-root beer cocoa float, black-gramp marshmallow melt
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: Target, eBay or Amazon
Style Numbers: 04-6829
Code Numbers: 04-6829-0-300
UPC Numbers: 071662168292

2016 Dynamic Duos Super Tips Markers

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