Crayola Valentine's Collection: What's Inside the Box

I first saw the Crayola Valentine's line from a fellow crayon collector.  They came out in 2015. The line consists of crayons, stamper markers, and washable Glitter Glue. I was super excited when I saw someone had purchased them at Target this year.  I went to the nearest Target I could find and they were all there in a display in the seasonal section.  There were also My Color Is, Red, Pink and Purple markers in the display.  I can not find them anywhere now so I am super excited I picked up a box.  I picked up a box for my daughter too and she is super excited to use them.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 16 Valentine's Day Crayola Crayons, Valentine's Day Crayola Marker Stamper and Paper Set, 5 Crayola Valentine's Day Washable Glitter Glue-Super Sparkle
Year: 2015
Other Boxes: This is the second Valentine's Day box of 16 crayons, it is -201 code number
What's inside the box: Crayons: lavender, razzle dazzle rose, magenta, salmon, piggy pink, mauvelous, red, purple heart, blue violet, vivid violet, violet (purple), orchid, black, silver, white
Marker Set: pink, violet (purple), magenta love [heart stamp]
Glitter Glue:
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: currently not available, eBay
Style Numbers: 04-2545 (Marker set), 52-7016 (Crayons), 69-3506
Code Numbers: 04-2545-0-200 (Marker set), 52-7016-0-201 (Crayons), 69-3506-0-300 (Glitter Glue)
UPC Numbers: 0171662425456 (Marker set), 071662527013 (Crayons), 071662135065 (Glitter Glue)

2015 16 Valentine's Day Crayola Crayons

2016 Valentine's Day Crayola Marker Stamper and Paper Set

2016 5 Crayola Valentine's Day Washable Glitter Glue

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