Crayola Xtreme Coloring Metallic Markers and Coloring Pages: What's Inside the Box

I first saw the Crayola Xtreme Frozen Coloring Metallic set at Walmart and picked it up right away. The set contains 10 coloring pages and 4 markers. We love Frozen in our house and this looked like it would be so much fun.  It is so different from other coloring because the pages are dark and sparkle when colored.

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It does drive me a little batty that the colors are not named. I like color names. I also do not know where these markers can be purchased other than this set.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Xtreme Coloring Metallic Markers and Coloring Pages
Year: 2015
Other Boxes: This is the second set, it has a -201 code number
What's inside the box: 10 Metallic Coloring Pages, 4 Xtreme Coloring markers (not named)
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: Amazon or eBay
Style Numbers: 74-5009
Code Numbers: 74-5009-0-201
UPC Numbers: 071662350093

2015 Crayola Xtreme Coloring Metallic

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