16 Piece Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Tin: What's Inside the Tin

I love Crayola Tins and this Washable Sidewalk Chalk tin is great. The tin is a perfect place to hold open boxes of chalk.  There are two side pictures in here that look similar, but if  you look close you can tell the Crayola label on the top is in a slightly different position along with the green and yellow banner. The Tin Box Company makes this metal tin.

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Collecting Information
Merchandise: Crayola 16 Piece Sidewalk Chalk Tin
Year: 2014
What's on the box: Picutres of Washable sidewalk chalk
Purchase Information: Toy's R Us
Where to buy: Amazon, eBay
Part Numbers: Lot Code: 11291319880HK
Manufacturer/Partner: Tin Box Company, www.tinboxco.com
UPC Numbers: 078678133627
Manufacturing Location: Dongguan, China

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