Crayola Pencil Tins: What's Inside the Tin

The Crayola Pencil tins have really fun designs.  One metal pencil tin features a picture of Crayola markers, pip-squeaks, crayons, glitter crayons, twistables crayons and colored pencils, fine tip, paint brushes, and powerline markers on the front. The other metal tin features the word Crayola with with a painted rainbow from red to blue across the whole tin.  I found these tins at the Crayola store.  They fit pencils, but unfortunately did not fit SuperTips.  I was hoping they would. They are made by the Tin Box company, a company that makes many tins for Crayola.

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Collecting Information
Merchandise: Crayola Pencil Tins
Year: 2015
What's on the box: A collection of Crayola writing utensils, space for pencils
Purchase Information: Crayola Store
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon
Part Numbers: Lot Code: 10251420794 (writing utensils), Lot code: 06291521181 (rainbow tin)
Manufacturer: Tin Box Company,
UPC Numbers: 078678183707 (writing utensils), 078678183707 (rainbow tin)
Manufacturing Location: Dongguan, China

2015 Crayola Pencil Tin: Writing Utensils
2015 Crayola Pencil Tin: Rainbow Tin
Inside of the tins

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