Crayola Piggy Banks: What's Inside the Tin

I bought these Crayola metal piggy bank tins for my kids. The tins are shaped like giant crayons and have a hole in the side of the crayon for money.  They come in the colors denim, razzmatazz, royal purple and shamrock.  I have seen other versions of the tins in different colors and different sizes. They unfortunately do not last very long with little kids, but would probably far better with old kids. I'm so glad I took a picture when I did because I'm going to have to throw them away soon because they are all bent. The kids kept getting into our money and I thought these would be a good idea to teach them how to save their money. I guess they are still a little young. They loved them but the money never stayed in and now I'm going to have to throw them away soon because they are very bent! 

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Collecting Information
Merchandise: Crayola Piggy Bank, Tin Bank, 3.38 x 3.38 x 11.75" H
Year: 2015
Other: There are other piggy banks Crayola has released
What's inside the box: denim, razzmatazz, royal purple, and shamrock
Purchase Information: Target Dollar Spot
Where to buy: eBay, Amazon
Part Numbers: TINBOXCO234141087F16655095-03/15L0410151031HK
Manufacturer: Tin Box Company
UPC Numbers: 078678157159
Manufacturing Location: China

The ones in my store came in denim, razzmatazz, royal purple, and shamrock.

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