Disney Themed Sidewalk Chalk: What's Inside the Box

I found the 8 count Crayola Disney themed sidewalk chalk first at Target. They only carried the Hulk version of the longest time.  I picked up the Captain America chalk at the Crayola Store. It is super crazy that stores do not carry an entire line of a collectible product. I am still missing a marker in the Pip-Scents collection because it was never sold in the United States. I do not know if there are any other 8 count chalk boxes out there.
Sidewalk chalk is an essential outdoor play toy for kids.  The chalk is bright and colorful and themed to the different character sets. My kids and the neighbor kids stay engaged for a long time with the chalk.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk-Frozen, Captain America (Marvel Avengers), Hulk (Marvel Avengers), Finding Dory
Other Boxes: none known
Year: 2016
What's inside the box: Frozen: white, apricot, sky blue, blue green, orange, red violet, brown, purple mountains' majesty, Captain America: red, white, blue, dandelion, apricot, brown, gray, black, Hulk: green, granny smith apple, blue violet, white, red, dandelion, black, Finding Dory: cerulean, yellow, black, white, orange, granny smith apple, red violet, purple mountains' majesty
Purchase Information: Crayola Store in Kansas City, Missouri and Target
Where to buy: AmazoneBay
Style Numbers:03-5302 (Frozen), 03-5303 (Captain America), 03-5304 (Hulk), 03-5301 (Finding Dory)
Code Numbers: 03-5302-0-200 (Frozen), 03-5303-0-200 (Captain America), 03-5304-0-200 (Hulk), 03-5301-0-200 (Finding Dory)
UPC Numbers: 071662353025 (Frozen), 071662353032 (Captain America), 071662353049 (Hulk), 071662353018 (Finding Dory)
Manufacturing Location: Indonesia

2016 Washable Sidewalk Chalk Avengers-Captain America
2016 Washable Sidewalk Chalk Frozen
2016 Washable Sidewalk Chalk Avengers-Hulk
2016 Washable Sidewalk Chalk Avengers-Finding Dory

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