2017 Crayola Pick Your Pack: What's Inside the Box

You can imagine my surprise when I found a new Pick Your Pack series when wandering the aisles of Target.  I thought 2014 was going to be the last year they were going to make the series.  The series start in 2011 as 8 count boxes with an Only At T in the bottom right corner of the crayon box. It was a test series in select Target markets.  It expanded to more color combinations in 2012 and in 2013. Crayola changed the bottom right corner of the box to say Pick You Pack instead.  In 2014 they made new boxes, but also introduced 16 count boxes.

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This year the 2017 boxes have totally been redesigned.  I did not like the new design at first, but it is growing on me.  They are more colorful and cartoon like, probably to entice little kids to get them.  The Sparkle Party! box remind me of my little pony.  They also feature the colors of the crayons inside the boxes on the front of the box. This helps the consumer know which crayons colors they are getting.
Color Information
Boxes: Crayola Pick Your Pack 16 Count boxes: Sparkle Party!, Bubblesaurus, Areo Fetch!, Tresure Ahoy!, Ballerina Twirl, Mermaid Tails
Year: 2017
What's inside the box/Color List: 
Sparkle Party!: black glitter crayon, mahogany, royal purple, blue glitter crayon, jungle green, green glitter crayon, yellow glitter crayon, dandelion, vivid tangerine, orange glitter crayon, mango tango, razzmatazz, maroon glitter crayon
Bubblesaurus: desert sand, brown, chestnut, shadow, gray, pruple heart, pacific blue, wild blue yonder, tropical rain forest, green, olive green, green yellow, banana mania, macaroni and cheese, sunset orange, wild strawberry
Areo Fetch!: mauvelous, brick red, goldenrod, fern, mountain meadow, cadet blue, plum, timberwolf, sepia, raw sienna, tan, bittersweet, fuzzy wuzzy, copper
Mermaid Tales: shimmering blush, cerise, salmon, cotton candy, gold fusion, peach, yellow, sea green, caribbean green, sheen green, metallic seaweed, light blue glitter crayon, b'dazzled blue, cerulean, manatee, purple mountains' majesty
Ballerina Twirl: carnation pink, pink glitter crayon, lavender, blush, pink sherbet, melon, piggy pink, apricot, almond, canary, spring green, inchworm, periwinkle, cornflower, wisteria, white glitter crayon
Treasure Ahoy!: antique brass, scarlet, metallic sunburst, dandelion, forest green, asparagus, aquamarine, navy blue, eggplant, white, silver, sonic silver, black, tumbleweed, burnt orange, maroon
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: 

2017 Pick Your Pack: Bubblesaurus

2017 Pick Your Pack: Aero Fetch!

2017 Pick Your Pack: Sparkle Party!

2017 Pick Your Pack: Mermaid Tails

2017 Pick Your Pack: Ballerina Twirl
2017 Pick Your Pack: Treasure, Ahoy!

Collecting Information
It is interesting to note that there is a gap in the style number probably signifying there are more pick your pack boxes coming.  I certainty hope that's the case! Get these boxes while you can, in a few years they will not be available.
Boxes: Crayola Pick Your Pack 16 Count boxes: Sparkle Party!, Bubblesaurus, Areo Fetch!, Tresure Ahoy!, Ballerina Twirl, Mermaid Tails
Year: 2017
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: 
Style Numbers: 52-4413 (Sparkle Party!), 52-4417 (Bubblesaurus), 52-4420 (Areo Fetch!), 52-4419 (Treasure, Ahoy!), 52-4418 (Ballerina Twirl), 52-4414 (Mermaid Tails)
Code Numbers: 52-4413-0-200 (Sparkle Party!), 52-4417-0-200 (Bubblesaurus), 52-4420-0-200 (Areo Fetch!), 52-4419-0-200 (Treasure, Ahoy!), 52-4418-0-200 (Ballerina Twirl), 52-4414-0-200 (Mermaid Tails)
UPC Numbers: 071662044138 (Sparkle Party!), 071662144173 (Bubblesaurus), 071662144203 (Areo Fetch!), 071662044190 (Treasure, Ahoy!), 071662144180 (Ballerina Twirl), 071662044145 (Mermaid Tails)
Manufacturing Location: U.S.A

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  1. In Sparkle Party, since Dandelion retired, it now contains Laser Lemon.