America's Top 50 Crayons: What's Inside the Box

In 2001 Crayola put together a plastic container of crayons that were America's Favorite Top 50 crayons. The Top 50 crayons were obtained by the Crayola Color Census. Crayola conducted their own Census the same time the United States was conducting the Census 2000. Crayola put special gold wrappers on the crayons and the ranking from the census. Blue was the most popular color! I would love for crayola to do this contest again and see how it has changed.

Crayola also ranked the colors in Canada in 2000. They only included 8 crayons in their final box. The most popular colors in order were: blue, red, violet, green, magenta, carnation pink, orange, and yellow. (source

Pictures in this post were provided by Stacy Hodges. This blog post contains affiliate links.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: America's Favorite Top 50 crayons Special Edition
Other boxes:
Year: 2001
What's inside the box: 
  1. blue
  2. cerulean
  3. purple heart
  4. midnight blue
  5. aquamarine
  6. caribbean green
  7. perwinkle
  8. denim
  9. cerise
  10. blizzard blue
  11. cornflower
  12. red
  13. blue green
  14. hot magenta
  15. blue violet
  16. pacific blue
  17. purple mountain majesty
  18. tropical rain forest
  19. brick red
  20. indigo
  21. green
  22. wisteria
  23. forest green
  24. royal purple
  25. fuchsia
  26. asparagus
  27. purple pizzazz
  28. vivid violet
  29. sky blue
  30. plum
  31. electric lime
  32. navy blue
  33. robin's egg blue
  34. black
  35. teal blue
  36. scarlet
  37. cotton candy
  38. magenta
  39. blue bell
  40. bittersweet
  41. carnation pink
  42. razzmatazz
  43. sliver
  44. burnt sienna
  45. jungle green
  46. atomic tangerine
  47. brink pink
  48. pine green
  49. screamin green
  50. laser lemon
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UPC Numbers: 071662875503
Manufacturing Location: USA


  1. I have a brand new set of America's Favorite Top 50 Crayons. I cannot find anything comparable for sale. Do you know what the value of the set is?

    1. You can try ebay to see recent ones that sold. We also have a facebook group where you can sell to other collectors.

  2. I got mine for 14 dollars but many are on sale for 20-25 dollars