Crayola Scented Markers: What's Inside the Box

In 1993 Crayola came out with a line of Scented Markers. At the same time they were releasing a line of scented crayons, the Magic Scents. Crayola stopped making scented crayons a few years later until 2017 when they came out with the new Silly Scent line of Twistable crayons. Crayola has been making scented markers for a long time since. Even when they stopped making specific boxes they still included scented markers with Super Tips markers.

These boxes include many fun scents. The outdoor scents even include calamine lotion. Why anyone would want to smell that is beyond me, but that is what they put in.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 8 Crayola Scented Washable Markers, 10 Crayola Fun Scents Scented Markers, 8 Crayola Great Outdoor Scents Washable Scented MarkersOther boxes:
Year: 1996 (Outdoor Scents), 1993 (Scented Markers), 1998 (Fun Scents)
What's inside the box: 
Scented Markers: orange, licorice, lemon, green apple, chocolate, grape, cherry, blueberry
Outdoor Scented: Forest Pine, Fresh Air, Wild Berry, Honeysuckle, Burnt Marshmallow, Calamine Lotion, Campfire, Muddy Puddle
Fun Scents:  lemon, pine needle, grape, orange, blueberry, burnt marshmallow, green apple, wild berry, cherry, spring flowers
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 58-8192 (scented markers), 58-8193 (outdoor scented), 58-8144 (fun scents)
Code Numbers: 58-8192-0-200 (scented markers), 58-8193-0-200 (outdoor scented), 58-8144-0-200 (fun scents)
UPC Numbers: 071662081447 (fun scents markers), 071662081935 (outdoor scented markers), 071662081928 (scented markers)
Manufacturing Location: USA
Patent: 4,969,766

1993 Scented Markers

1996 Great Outdoor Scents Markers

1998 Crayola Fun Scents Scented Markers


  1. Ahhhhh I remember these!!! Thank you so much for posting the pictures and all! I was obsessed with the camping ones in particular, I got a lot of mileage out of them. I remember drawing the little pictures of the fruit/etc with arms. It's so nice to see pictures of these again after all this time.

  2. were can i buy the great outdoor washable scented markers & the fun scented markers