Crayola Magic Scent Crayons: What's Inside the Box

The Magic Scent line of crayons is one of my favorites from Crayola.  It was one of the first boxes I ever owned.  I still have my original box from my childhood. The magic scent line came out in 1993. The 1993 boxes featured outdoor smells and food smells. In 1994 probably due to backlash from parents whose kids ate the crayons they changed the scents to non food items. I personally like the food ones better. They just smell better.  I have also found most of the boxes on eBay.  I love all the different scents in the boxes, especially Fresh Air. All the boxes are slightly different.  The 1993 box has a strawberry and grape on the front, the 1994 16 count box has a rose and a pine tree on the front, and the 8 count box has a strawberry and grape on the front of the box.

How do they work? The US Patent 5039243, fragrance releasing crayons explains it very well. The patent says there are microcapsules on surface of the crayons, and when they the crayon is used to color the microcapsules break and the smell is produced.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Magic Scent 16 Count (1993), Crayola Magic Scent 8 Count (1994), Crayola Magic Scent 8 Count (1994)
Year: 1993 & 1994
Other known boxes: More US boxes, Candian, and UK and German boxes (click here for more info, Ed's collecting website)
What's inside the box: 
1993 16 count box-coconut, orange, strawberry, licorice, peach, fresh air, pine, grape, banana, blueberry, chocolate, lemon, rose, bubble gum, lime and cherry
1994 8 count large crayon box-cherry, lime, orange, bubble gum, banana, chocolate, licorice, and blueberry
1994 16 count box-eucalyptus, baby powder, cedar chest, shampoo, dirt, smoke, lilac, pine, daffodil, leather jacket, soap, tulip, fresh air, lumber, new car, rose
Purchase information: eBay, original box from childhood, probably a grocery store.
Where to buy: ebay, 2nd hand stores, watch item
Related Patents: 
US 5039243-"Fragrance releasing crayons", Dennis P. O'Brien, Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company
US Patent, 4762493-"Scented teaching aid, particularly crayons", Inventor-Raymond G Anderson, Owner-Binney & Smith Inc
Style Number: 52-3416 (16 Count boxes), 52-2224 (8 Count box)
Code Numbers: 52-3416-0-200 (1993 16 count box), 52-3416-0-203W (1994 16 Count box), 52-2224-0-201W (8 Count box)
UPC: 071662034160 (1993 16 count box), 071662022242 (8 count box), 071662034160 (1994 16 Count box)

1993 16 count box

1994 8 count large crayon box

1994 16 count box

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  1. These were my favorite crayons growing up! I wish Crayola would bring these back!