2012 Target Pick Your Pack Crayons: What's Inside the Box

In 2011 Target and Crayola collaborated and started a series of boxes called the Pick Your Pack boxes. They are still making boxes. Years 2015 and 2016 were skipped, but they came out with a new set in 2017. Each box has a different theme and unique color set. This is the 2012 set of Pick Your pack boxes. There were 13 boxes that came out this year. 

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Color Information
What's inside the box:
Blast-Off-atomic tangerine, big dip o'ruby, cyber grape, inchworm, laser lemon, outerspace, silver, white Glitter crayon (no name)
Bejewled-no color names
Fashionista-black, blue green, eggplant, goldenrod, scarlet, maroon glitter crayon-no name, maroon glitter crayon-no name, pink glitter crayon-no name
Fire & Ice-cornflower, dandelion, navy blue, orange, purple heart, red, red orange, white glitter crayon (different wrapper type)-no name
Flower Power-cerulean, dandelion, inchworm, plum, razzmatazz, red, robin's egg blue, yellow orange
Fruit-opia-banana mania, granny smith apple, jazzberry jam, melon, plum, razzmic berry, red orange, vivid tangerine
Monstrous-big dip o' ruby, cyber grape, illuminating emerald, sonic silver, four Glitter crayons-no names
Secret Agent-antique brass, inchworm, outer space, silver, sky blue, timberwolf, red glitter crayon-no name, blue glitter crayon-no name
Splish Splash-aquamarine, banana mania, midnight blue, pacific blue, sea green, shamrock, vivid violet, white glitter crayon-no name
Surfin' Safari-banana dandelion, jungle green, mahogany, metallic seaweed, orange, sheen green, tan, blue green glitter crayon-no name
Super Heroic-dandelion, inchworm, outer space, vivid violet, blue glitter crayon-no name, navy glitter crayon-no name, red glitter crayon-no name, white glitter crayon (different rapper type)-no name
Star Shines-atomic tangerine, cold fusion, laser lemon, outrageous orange, razzmic berry , sonic  silver, navy glitter crayon-no name, white glitter crayon-no name
Purchase information: Target & other collectors
Where to buy: eBay and Amazon and Target for newer boxes

Collecting Information
These boxes are part of the Pick Your Pack box set even though the Pick Your Pack was not printed on the boxes until 2013.
2012 Pick Your Pack Target Crayon Series 8 Count Boxes: Back to Basics, Blast-Off, Bejewled, Fashionista, Fire & Ice, Flower Power, Fruit-opia, Monstrous, Secret Agent, Splish Splash, Surfin' Safari, Super Heroic, Star Shines
Year: 2011-2017
Other known boxes: 2011 Series, 2013 Series, 2014 Series, 2017 Series
Purchase information: Target & other collectors
Where to buy: eBay and Amazon and Target for newer boxes
Style Numbers: 52-4330 (Back to Basics), 52-4336 (Blast-Off), 52-4341 (Bejewled), 52-4334 (Fashionista), 52-4337 (Fire & Ice), 52-4332 (Flower Power), 52-4333 (Fruit-opia), 52-4338 (Monstrous), 52-4339 (Secret Agent), 52-4343 (Splish Splash), 52-4340 (Surfin' Safari), 52-4342 (Super Heroic),  52-4331 (Star Shines)
Code Numbers: 52-4330-0-200 (Back to Basics), 52-4336-0-200 (Blast-Off), 52-4341-0-200 (Bejewled), 52-4334-0-200 (Fashionista), 52-4337-0-200 (Fire & Ice), 52-4332-0-200 (Flower Power), 52-4333-0-200 (Fruit-opia), 52-4338-0-200 (Monstrous), 52-4339-0-200 (Secret Agent), 52-4343-0-200 (Splish Splash), 52-4340-0-200 (Surfin' Safari), 52-4342-0-200 (Super Heroic), 52-4331-0-200 (Star Shines)
UPC Numbers: 071662043308 (Back to Basics), 071662043360 (Blast-Off), 071662043414 (Bejewled), 071662043346 (Fashionista), 071662043377 (Fire & Ice), 071662043322 (Flower Power), 071662043339 (Fruit-opia), 071662043384 (Monstrous), 071662043391 (Secret Agent), 071662043438 (Splish Splash), 071662043407 (Surfin' Safari), 071662043421 (Super Heroic), 071662043315 (Star Shines)
Manufacturing Location: USA

Back to Basics, Bejeweled, Blast-Off, Fashionista, Fire & Ice, Flower Power, Fruit-opia, Monstrous, Splish Splash

 Secret Agent ,Star Shines, Super Heroic, Surfin' Safari

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