My Visit to Toy Fair! New Crayola Toys for 2019

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to the New York City Toy Fair 2019 held in the Javits Center. I especially went to see all the new toys for the year from Crayola. Here is what I saw. Let me just tell you it was like heaven for me, I could have stayed there all day!

What is Toy Fair?
Toy Fair is when all the companies both big and small come together to showcase their toys for the new year. Buyers, stores, toy companies and press come to see all the new toys.

Crayola's Booth
This was the booth for Crayola. To say it was massive was an understatement. It was a like a mini shop set up in the convention center, probably 40-50 feet tall. All the toy companies had massive booths set up. Everything Crayola makes was in the booth.

There was a giant dog out front for everyone to sign. I signed it too. I forgot to take a picture of my signature....
Art Stations
Crayola had stations set up for each of their new toys and exciting products coming out next year.

You can watch this YouTube video to see all the products in action.

Color Chemistry
This was the Color Chemistry/Artic Lab experiment station. Being an engineer, I love how Crayola is working to incorporate STEAM into their toy line up. We definitely need more science minded kiddos. I wish my parents had encouraged me when I was young. It was not until I was in college at the end of my second year I decided to do engineering. My favorite on this table was the Build-A-Beast set. I could see my son LOVING IT.

Sprinkle Art
Sprinkle art is shaker which can be used to put sprinkles on pages. It comes with sprinkles and pages to "sprinkle". The pages have removable patches which sprinkles can adhere to. Glue can also be used to adhere to sprinkles. The Sprinkle Art sign was made using the sprinkles. It looks like it is geared to girls right now, but I think boys and girls will love it.

Glitter Dots
The next station was Glitter Dots. It is a less mess glitter alternative. The glitter is contained in a dot and the dot can be pressed down on surfaces. My favorite were the keychains. I could see my daughter really loving this. They will come in Classic, Bold, and Tropical colors. Glitter Dots activities will include a Sparkles Station, Keychains, Sparkle signs and Stencil Stickers. They can be used on paper mache, fabrics, craft foam, wood, felt and paper.

Here is one of the key chains.

Spin and Spiral Art
The next station was Spin and Spiral Art. It is two toys in on. The spinner is hand powered and rotates. When it rotates ink can be applied to the page. We also used the crayon melter to apply melted crayon to the page. The other side is a Spirograph type tool which works like a Spirograph. My sister had one of these growing up. I was always so jealous. I wish the art station allowed for larger sized objects. I could see this being great for use with paper plates. They are also adding a pink glittery crayon melter.

Scribble Scrubbies
The next station was Scribble Scrubbies. Basically kids draw on their scrubbie over and over again. They can be washed off after each use. These pets have been around for a year, they are adding Safari animals to the line up; monkey, elephant, giraffe,  and lion. There will be 12 total animals the kids can design.

Silly Putty
Another station was Silly Putty. Did you know Crayola owned Silly Putty? They are coming out with a new character for Silly Putty, Nugget. He is a sassy and smart chicken. The new Silly Putty they are introducing is: Silly Putty XL, Silly Putty Super Bounce, Silly Scents Mix Em's, and Silly Putty Ugly Putty Poop. All of these look super fun. I am a little worried about kids trying to eat scented Silly Putty because it looks and smells like Laffy Taffy, but older kids should understand. I bet kids will love the poop Putty. My daughter loves that emoji for some reason...

Crayola is also coming out with Aroma Putty. I would imagine this is tapping into the older market. Playing with Putty can be super relaxing. The Aroma Putty will come in holiday scents. The Christmas one features; canday cane, sugar cookie, ginger bread, and pine. The other package features; Cranberry, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Leaf.

Take Note!
One of the last stations was Take Note! It is the launch this year I am most excited for. There is already Take Note! Gel Pens and Erasable Highlighters. Crayola is adding, Dry Erase Markers, Felt Tip Pens, Highlighter Pens and Permanent Markers. I used the Dry Erase marker and it really erased. There is an indicator which shows how much ink is left and the colors are super bright. The felt tip pens will be popular with teachers, and the highlighters will be super useful because there is a pen on back. No more having to have two writing utensils. The Permanent markers will be a direct competition with Sharpie, a brand I also love. I am so excited for these. I use my Take Note Gel Pens everyday.

Product Line
There was also a wall of Crayola goodies showcasing all their current products. Hiding in the products was some new ones as well. I will let you know everything that stood out to me.

Partner Innovations
This is all the products that have Crayola's name on them, but they do not make themselves. The bricks and the easels will now have gears to play with. My son loves playing with gears every time we see them. Crayola partnered with Barbie a while back. I love the Crayola Helmets and Scooters.

Little Artist
This is the Mess Free and My First Crayola line.

Color & Draw
Everything is pretty standard in this picture. The new items include Cardstock, and 24 count Glitter, Metallic, Pearl, and Neon crayons. I am super excited for these new crayons. I can not wait to get my hands on them. Crayola is also coming out with Create and Play themed crayon boxes and markers to promote their app. See that review here.

Here is a close up of the new crayons I am so excited for. I wonder if they will have names.

Paint & Create
In Create and Paint the box is getting a new design and they are introducing Pumpkin Paint. They also changed the packaging of the paint. Crayola is also making Color Glue! I will definitely be picking some of that up.

Great Gifts
New here is the Silly Scents Slick Stix, and the Sweet and Stinky boxes. They are also introducing the new scent Pineapple. I picked up a box the other day and will write a post on them.Crayola has a new product called Globbles. I also have those and need to write a post on that. Model magic is coming in Gooey Fun! We love model magic here. And the there are all the new toys that were featured in the stations.

Signature and Take Note!
Crayola is introducing some new Signature art supplies. I bought the Pearlescent  Cream Sticks. There are also going to be Pearlescent acrylic paints, and Pearlescent Paint markers. They are even introducing Planters, Trinket Dishes and Succulents.

These are some of the Take Note! products coming out. There will also be journals and Dry Erase paint.

It was sooooo much fun touring the Crayola booth and meeting all the Crayola employees. I could have stayed there all day playing and coloring.
They made the cutest cookies!

That is it for Toy Fair 2019. Can't wait to go next year!

(I have to add I would have loved to do a post like this for Cra-z-art, but they would not see me or let me in their booth after I emailed, texted, and went by twice. They even returned my business card. Maybe next year.)

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