2019 NEW Crayola COLORS Review and 24 Crayons

2019 was a very exciting year for Crayola crayons because of the Glitter, Metallic, Neon and Pearl 24 count boxes. The boxes included new color names, 72 to be exact.  It is interesting this release did not get much publicity because it is probably THE MOST EXCITING art supply Crayola released in 2019.

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What's Inside the box

This release was so exciting because it was a throwback to the 1997 Pearl Brite crayons. They renamed the crayons with fun names. The crayons appear to have the same formula used back then. It is completely different than anything on the market. I would love for the Silver Swirls to come back, but I do not think that is going to happen. The Pearl crayons are close to the Silver Swirls, I think they are a later iteration of the crayon. The pearl crayons laydown is smooth and shiny. It just goes to show Crayola remembers their past and can bring back anything even when it has been retired for years! Here are is a color chart with swatches of all the colors.
The Metallic crayons include the crayon names from the 16 pack and 8 new color names. The new metallic colors included; cheese grater, gold medal, robot canary, petrified forest, iron indigo, acid wash jeans, magnetic magenta, and rose gold.
The Neon crayons include three type of crayons, Glitter, Neon, and Pearl. Basically what Crayola did is take the 8 Neon crayons and integrate them with the Glitter and Pearl formula. The colors they used are not the ones from the 8 count neon box, but some that were included in the 120 count box and older fluorescent boxes; purple pizzazz, wild watermelon, sunglow, atomic tangerine, screamin' green, sky blue, shocking pink, and laser lemon.
The Glitter crayons have not been named for years. When they were first named they included the word glitter. In later years they were named one other time in the Star Wars collection boxes. Not all of them were included either. This time Crayola named them with fun names such as; chocolate sprinkles, red slaw, and campfire flicker.
What Did I Think?
The Pearl crayons were hands down my favorite crayons to color with. It was easier to color with them. The laydown was super smooth. The glitter crayons were sparkly and fun, but the laydown was super hard. I think Crayola should make a whole 120 count box of Pearl crayons.

I am so excited for these new crayon colors! It has been a long time since Crayola came out with new names for crayons. And I am especially excited they brought back the Pearl crayons.
Color Information
I have bolded the new colors below. there are a total of 72 new color names.
What's inside the box: 
Glitter: red slaw, maroon mist, crimson clash, flamingo flame, confetti sunset, campfire flicker, shredded cheddar, golden dust, sun shower, wild wasabi, gritty green, tropical shower, fir in the sky, blue blazes, aqua fizz, night sky, lavender burst, poppin' purple, orchid explosion, chocolate sprinkles, silver sparks, gray glam, black gold, diamond dazzle
Metallic: big dip o' ruby, magnetic magenta, bittersweet shimmer, shimmering blush, allow orange, cheese grater, gold medal, robot canary, gold fusion, sheen green, illuminating emerald, petrified forest, metallic seaweed, acid wash jeans, cobalt cool, steel blue, iron indigo, b'dazzled blue, deep space sparkle, cyber grape, razzmic berry, rose gold, blast off bronze, sonic silver
Neon: pearl purple pizzazz, glitter purple pizzazz, purple pizzazz, glitter shocking pink, shocking pink, pearl shocking pink, pearl wild watermelon, glitter wild watermelon, wild watermelon, sunglow, atomic tangerine, glitter sunglow, glitter atomic tangerine, pearl atomic tangerine, pearl sunglow, pearl laser lemon, laser lemon, glitter laser lemon, pearl screamin' green, glitter screamin' green, screamin' green, sky blue, glitter sky blue, pearl sky blue
Pearl: apple orchard, mango purée, orange peel, butternut squash, sunset shimmer, liquid gold, shooting star, sea glass, caribbean sea, pesto, leafy canopy, ocean foam, cloudy sky, iridescent indigo, moonlit pond, lavender silk, berry parfait, bubble gum, pink luster, red satin, hot cocoa, antique gray, black pearl, snow drift
Where to buy: ebay (GlitterMetallicNeonPearl), Amazon, (Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pearl)

2019 24 Glitter Crayons
2019 24 Neon Crayons
2019 24 Pearl Crayons
2019 24 Metallic Crayons
Collecting Information
Here is all the collecting information.
Boxes: 24 Neon Crayons, 24 Glitter Crayons, 24 Metallic Crayons, 24 Pearl Crayons
Year: 2019
Purchase Information: Michaels and Crayola.com
Where to buy: ebay (Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pearl), Amazon, (GlitterMetallicNeonPearl)
Style Number: 52-3410 (Neon), 52-3715 (Glitter), 52-8815 (Metallic), 52-3409 (Pearl)
Code Number: 52-3410-0-200 (Neon), 52-3715-0-200 (Glitter), 52-8815-0-200 (Metallic), 52-3409-0-200 (Pearl)
UPC: 071662234102 (Neon), 071662137151 (Glitter), 071662088156 (Metallic), 071662034092 (Pearl)
Manufacturing Location: USA


  1. Metallic Sunbrust has changed it's name to Robot Carney
    and Sunset Shimmer referenced My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

  2. Really excellent pictures of these. They are very difficult to take a photo of and see the color names. But your photos are always excellent.

  3. How do you mix the crayola 168 bucket with the new 2019 24 box of colors in rainbow sort

  4. The Pearl crayons are the ones that stand out the most since they have a unique formula and the smoothest laydown. While the Neons to me seem the most redundant since they are three types of the same crayon. I would have preferred Crayola released a 24 count of their Gel FX crayons instead.

    All in all the Metallic, Neon, Glitter, and Pearl Crayolas are a must have for any crayon collector along with the Confetti and the Colors of the World. It shows that Crayola is busy and continues to expand their color palette.