Crayola Glitter Crayons: What's Inside the Box

I love collecting the Crayola Glitter crayons. The glitter crayons have small specs of shiny material in them to help them sparkle when the crayon is used. I must admit I love the Silver Swirls and the GemTones even more. They were the first attempts at Glitter crayons.  There was something magical about the silver swirls.  The Glitter and metallic crayola are the only ones around still.  My kids love playing with these and so do I. Since then Crayola has expanded this idea to chalk and glitter glue, which is one of my favorites.

There are two boxes that are in this post.  One box is large glitter crayons that were released in Canada and the other is a 16 box of Crayola crayons.

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The crayon wrappers do not contain color names.  I have inferred some from the Star Wars 64 crayon boxes where the crayons were named. I attempted to buy a box of named glitter crayons on eBay but someone else snatched it.

Collecting Information
The current box of glitter crayons is still in production.  The large glitter crayons are not and are collectible.
Boxes: 8 Crayola Glitter Crayons, 16 Crayola Glitter Crayons
Other Boxes: This is -205 code number, there are probably -200, -201, -202, -203, -204 boxes out there, there is not a code number on the box
Year: 1996 (8 crayons), 2010 (16 crayons)
What's inside the box: 
8 crayons: 8 large crayons, not named
16 crayons
white confetti glitter, white gold glitter, yellow glitter, black glitter, blue glitter, purple glitter, maroon glitter, orange glitter, red glitter, sky blue glitter (missing some names)
Purchase Information: Product provided by Crayola for review
Where to buy: Amazon, Target, eBay etc
Style Numbers: 52-3716 (16 crayons), 52-2208 (8 crayons)
Code Numbers: 52-3716-0-205, 52-2208 (no code number on box)
UPC Numbers: 071662137168 (16 crayons), 063652220806 (8 crayons)
Patent Information: US Patent 5261952 Solid Marking Composition Containing Glitter , US Patent 5383954 Solid marking composition containing glitter

2010 Glitter Crayons

1996  Glitter Crayons

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  1. Glitter crayons[edit]
    In 1997, Crayola released Crayons with Glitter as part of a Special Effects crayons package. Starting as late as 1999, their crayon names don't appear on the crayon wrappers. In the below list, the background represents crayon color, and the highlighted "square of glitter" around text represents glitter color.[22]

    Crayon name Crayon name
    Primary Other Primary Other
    Black With Glitzy Gold Glitter Blue With Shimmering Silver Glitter
    #000000 #E7C697 #1F75FE #CDC5C2
    Blue Green with Glitzy Gold Glitter Carnation Pink With Lavender Glitter
    #0D98BA #E7C697 #FFAACC #FCB4D5
    Green With Twinkling Turquoise Glitter Maroon With Glitzy Gold Glitter
    #1CAC78 #77DDE7 #C8385A #E7C697
    Orange With Twinkling Turquoise Glitter Orchid With Twinkling Turquoise Glitter
    #FF7538 #77DDE7 #E6A8D7 #77DDE7
    Red With Shimmering Silver Glitter Red Violet With Glitzy Gold Glitter
    #EE204D #CDC5C2 #C0448F #E7C697
    Royal Purple With Ruby Red Glitter Sky Blue With Glitzy Gold Glitter
    #7851A9 #EE204D #80DAEB #E7C697
    White With Confetti Glitter White With Glitzy Gold Glitter
    #FFFFFF Various #FFFFFF #E7C697
    Yellow With Rainbow Glitter Yellow Green With Silver Glitter
    #FCE883 Various #C5E384 #CDC5C2