Crayola Blenders and Basics Colored Pencils: What's Inside the Box

I think my mom got me the Crayola Blenders and Basics colored pencils, but I can not remember.  I absolutely loved these pencils when I was younger and still do. They are my go to pencils for shading. There are 36 colors and 24 pencils, 12 of them are double sided.  The blender colors include a light  color on one side and dark color on the other.  Crayola recently came out with the aged up dual ended colored pencils, those ones are not light and dark, but rather contrasting colors.  The blender pencils can be used to achieve a multitude of shading.  Crayola also put helpful blending techniques on the back of the boxes.

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It is interesting to note that the both of the boxes have a code number on the back of the box, probably to differentiate them in production.  Also I wonder if the order slip would still work. I should try sending it in.

Collecting Information
These colored pencils are rare.
Boxes: Crayola Blenders & Basics Colored Pencils, 36 blender colors, 24 pencils
Other Boxes: this is -204, and -205 code number, there were probably others
Year: 2001
What's inside the box: blenders, basics, sketch pad, reordering form
Blenders: light yellow-dark yellow, light orange-dark orange, light lime-dark lime, light aqua-dark aqua, light blue-dark blue, light pink-dark pink, light peach-dark peach, light tan-dark tan, light brown-dark brown, light purple-dark purple, light green-dark green, light berry-dark berry
Basics: yellow, orange, red, brick red, green, blue, pruple, brown, black-brown, gray, black, white
Purchase Information: unknown, had for a long time
Where to buy: eBay
Style Numbers: 68-1212
Code Numbers: 68-1212-0-204 (Blenders Box) 68-1212-0-205 (Basics Box)
UPC Numbers: 071662112127
Manufacturing Location: U.S.A.

2001 Front and Back of Crayola Blenders & Basics Colored Pencils box

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  1. I long since lost most of my colored pencils but still have a handful mixed in with my prismacolors. The skin tone one is awesome.