96 Count Crayola Crayons

The 96 count Crayola box of crayons is ideal for kids and adult to color with. I love the number of crayons inside the box. It gives a great variety of colors. It comes with 6 sleeves of crayons and many of the standard Crayola crayons. This box is a little different than most because it contains some gel fx and metallic crayons. I will post some more boxes that will have the standard crayons in the box. Check out the crayons that come in the 64 crayon box and 120 crayon box.

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Color Information or Color List
What's inside the box: 
orchid, lavender, mauvelous, fuchsia, red violet, cerise, magenta, purple pizzazz, carnation pink, tickle me pink, hot magenta, salmon, maroon, jazzberry jam, big dip o' ruby, brick red, violet red, red, razzmatazz, wild strawberry, mango tango, red orange, scarlet, gel fx red crayon, melon, shocking pink, outrageous orange, yellow orange, orange, macaroni and cheese, vivid tangerine, atomic tangerine, dandelion, goldenrod, yellow, laser lemon, gel fx light yellow, spring green, green yellow, inchworm, yellow green, asparagus, granny smith apple, sheen green, shamrock, pine green, jungle green, green, forest green, olive green, sea green, gel fx shamrock, tropical rain forest, steel blue, cadet blue, sky blue, wild blue yonder, robin's egg blue, gel fx sky blue, turquoise blue, blue green, pacific blue, cerulean, cornflower, blue, indigo, navy blue, denim, midnight blue, periwinkle, blue violet, purple mountains majesty, cyber grape, royal purple, violet (purple), plum, wisteria, silver, timberwolf, gray, black, white, copper, burnt sienna, brown, chestnut, bittersweet, mahogany, burnt orange, tan, gold, sepia, raw sienna, peach, apricot, tumbleweed

Where to buy: Amazon (96 crayons), eBay (96 crayons), Currently available at any place that sells Crayola products, prices may differ

2014 96 Crayon Colors

Collecting Information
Purchase Information: Target in 2015
Where to buy: Amazon (96 crayons)eBay (96 crayons), Currently available at any place that sells Crayola products, prices may differ
Style Number: 96 Crayon Colors (52-0096)
Code Number: 96 Crayon Colors(52-0096-0-222)
UPC: 071662000967 (96 crayons)


  1. The 96 box doesn't contain other neon colors, but it contains metallic crayons and gel fx crayons.

  2. No more gel fx, I think they just replaced them with similar colors