Crayola Lip Smacker Lip Balm and Lip Gloss

Crayola likes to sneak in product collaborations all the time. I discovered the Lip Smacker collaboration when I was shopping at Target. I tried to find every box they put out. Lip Smacker made lip balm and lip gloss with Crayola names starting in 2019. There are a couple more 3 packs out there, but they were 20 bucks each on eBay and I was not about to pay that much. Haha. I love the colors and the names. There are even more items from the Lip Smacker/Crayola collaboration, an egg for Easter, a collectible tin for Christmas, and two other themed 3 count lip balms. I ordered a few of those and will add those to this post when I get them.

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Color and Collecting Information
Boxes: 3 Count Lip Balm, 8 Count Lip Balm, 5 Count Lip Gloss
Other boxes: There are also some giant Lip Balms in 2020, and other packages from 2019 not pictured here.
Manufacturer/Partner: Lip Smacker
Year: 2019
What's inside the box: 
3 Count Lip Balm: pink green, orange, blue, white with turquoise, white with purple, pipsqueak pink and orange
8 Count Lip Balm: Cotton Candy, Outrageous Orange, Pink Sherbert, Wild Watermelon, Razzmatazz, Jazzberry Jam, Granny Smith Apple, Banana Mania
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy:  eBayAmazon
Part Numbers: 1410094 (3 Count Lip Balm), 1410091 (8 Count Lip Balm), 1410090 (5 Count Lip Gloss)
UPC Numbers: 050051100945 (3 Count Lip Balm), 050051100914 (8 Count Lip Balm), 05005100907 (5 Count Liquid)
Manufacturing Location: 8 count Lip Balm made in US, packaged in China, 3 count lip balm made in US, packaged in Mexico, Lip Gloss-China

3 Count Lip Balm
5 Count Lip Gloss

5 Count Lip Balm

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