How to Make Melted Crayon Art

Do you want an fun project to do yourself our with your kiddos this next year? I already know that my kids will only be attending school one maybe two times a week. An if this summer has proven anything is they need structured time. Do not get me wrong, I think it is okay for kids to be bored from time to time, but I think they need a little structure. They are so bored and my kids just want to play with electronics all day. This next year I am going to make sure they have plenty to do. I am also going to hopefully be sharing once a week some stem or art projects to do. I will also share STEAM toys. Look out for those!

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Today I am going to share how to make melted crayon art master piece. I also did a YouTube video of this if it is easier to watch.

Here are the supplies for the project.

The steps for the project include:
  • Remove the crayon wrappers. I removed the wrappers with a tool that Crayola had in their Crayon Melter kit. Arrange the crayons in the desired order.
  • Set up the art area. Place the sheet or cardboard under the canvas.
  • Take out the blow dryer or heat gun. 
  • Point the blow dryer at the tip of the crayon.
  • Lightly touch the canvas with the crayon in a circular motion.
  • Continue with all the crayons.
  • Go back and fix any spots that are missing color.

The crayons will blend together as this project goes along. They will not stay in the same place because the blow dryer is constantly moving it. Once done hang on the wall. I love mine so much! I hope you enjoy this project.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Awesome! It's just the effect I was looking for🙂