Teach About Magnets with Magformers, Stick-O and Blockaroo Toys for Preschool-Early Elementary

My kids are going to be at home three days a week next year. 2 days of school and 3 days of remote learning. Remote learning means they get some work from their teachers and more learning from me.  These Magformers, Stick-O and Blockaroo Toys will be excellent teaching tools for all of my kids. These sets can be pulled out for free play or for a mini lesson.

All these toys were provided in exchange for an honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links.
Click here to buy the Blockaroo's, Magformers, Stick-O's.

What can kids learn about magnets? First off all magnets have north and south poles. North and south poles are attracted to one another and the same poles repel each other. 

The Blockaroos and the Magformers will repel if placed together in certain ways. I found that the Stick-O's did not repel at all. Have the kids try to repel and attract the other magnets.

Using Magnets to Create Characters and Shapes
What I love about all these sets is they can all be manipulated into different shapes and characters. There are instruction booklets with each set. Once kids have mastered the books they can create their own characters and shapes.

Here are some characters from the Blockaroo set. When twisted the pieces make a clicking sound. The pieces are made out a foam and plastic material.
This one looks like a dinosaur to me.

This looks like a spaceship to me.
We followed the instructions for the Stick-O's. I was worried about the Stick-O's and my toddlers mouth, but the pieces are too big to fit in the mouth. They are a very cute toy for toddlers. I found them to be a little hard to keep upright so we laid it down. 
Isn't this the cutest little creature?
The Magformers can be combined in so many ways. They consist of square and triangular pieces. Here is cube.
And a sphere. 
A spaceship.
And our own little creature.
Here is my daughter making her own creation.
My daughter even combined the different sets to come up with some fun creations.
I hope this post helps provide some good free play ideas for the coming school year. Let me know if you pick up a set or all three! Here is the link to get your own!
Click here to buy the Blockaroo'sMagformersStick-O's.

After the lesson or free play is over put them back in storage to save for another day. For storage I LOVE using Sterilite containers. One day I will show our playroom closet. I custom built a closet system with my Dad to store all the toys and optimized it for storing with Sterilite containers.

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