Crayola Bulk Gold and Silver Crayons

Before Crayola came out with Metallic Effects crayons they sold the Metallic Effect box which was two of each gold, silver, and copper in a box. In 1995 Crayola put gold and silver in bulk crayon boxes. They still do this today, but they are not in these cool boxes. The boxes are different from the regular boxes in they are white with a dark green border.

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Color Information 
Boxes: Crayola 1 Dozen Crayons Bulk, Gold and Silver
What's inside the box: 
12 Silver Crayons and 12 Gold Crayons
Purchase Information: from fellow collector
Where to buy: eBay
Collecting Information
This is a lightly collectible boxes because they are hard to find.
Boxes: 12 Silver Crayons and 12 Gold Crayons
Other Boxes: These are the only boxes I know of.
Year: 1995
Style Numbers: 52-0836
Code Numbers: 52-0836-9-084 (Silver), 52-0836-9-083W (Gold)
UPC Numbers: 071662022969 (Gold), 071662022785 (Silver)
Manufacturing Location: USA
Where to buy: eBay

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