Up and Up School Supplies from Target

Up & Up are school supplies that are made by Target. I have the washable markers, #2 pencils and watercolors. There are more supplies such as crayons, glue, pencil sharpeners, index cards, colored pencils, pocket portfolios, construction paper, scissors, erasers, dry erase markers, compass/protractor, spiral notebooks, sticky notes, highlighters, mechanical pencils, binders, composition notebook, pocket folder, school caddies, paper trays, paint and marker pads, drawing paper, printer paper, drawing book, paper clips, legal pads, glue sticks, and zipper binders. They make a lot of stuff. Target often does this with many items. They have store brands. It is usually cheaper than the other brands. The quality is pretty good. I have bought up & up for my kids school supplies before. I also have a box of crayons, but I do not have a picture yet. I will post those when I get those taken. 

I received the following items from Target. All opinions are my own. This blog post contains affiliate links.

Here is the color information for the markers. The watercolors are not named.

Color Information
Boxes:  10 Up & Up Washable Markers, Classic Colors
What's inside the box: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, gray, brown
Purchase Information: Received from Target
Where to buy: Target.com
Collecting Information
These supplies from Up & Up would be great supplies to collect. They will probably change over the years and may entirely disappear. It is interesting they put on the back of the box of markers and watercolors they are not manufactured or distributed by Crayola.
Supplies: 10 Up & Up Washable Markers, Classic Colors, 8 Up & Up Watercolors, 8 No. 2 Up & Up Pencils
Other Boxes: See opening paragraph
Year: 2017 (pencils), 2019 (markers and watercolors)
DPCI (Target's locating code): 081020541R00 (pencils), 081043074R00 (markers), 081043071R00 (watercolors)
UPC Numbers: 07258710085 (pencils), 842463139411 (markers), 8122960022259 (watercolors)
Manufacturing Location:  China (markers, watercolors), Indonesia (pencils)
Where to buy: Target.com

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