How to Make Reports and Projects Fun

My kids’ school is doing hybrid learning this year. They attend 2 days at school and 3 days at home. The teachers give them work to do, and I am also supplementing. Last year we supplemented with math, social studies, art, and science. This year I can throw out math because the teachers are teaching it! Now I can focus on the other subjects. 

We received a whole bunch of Crayola project supplies in exchange for an honest review. 

As part of that review I decided to have my daughter do some research and write about it. I warned her about it on Friday for the next week and she was already getting one ready. I told her she did not need to start it until she was home on Wednesday. Wednesday came and she knocked out two. She already started on a third with her friend! To say she was excited was an understatement.

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I was so impressed with her reports I wanted to write and individual post about how to make reports and learning fun. Not only was she reading to research her projects, she was writing and drawing pictures. Three skills in one! It is a perfect STEAM project.

Here are some tips to make projects fun for kids. I was a coach for odyssey of the mind last year and many of the techniques taught in that program are so useful. In that program the coach is there to help guide the kids, not there to do the work for the kids.
  1. Let them choose something they like. Do not choose it for them. My daughter chose artic foxes and the sun because she loves them both.
  2. Have some art supplies the kids can choose from. Again let the kids choose from what is available. This is what we had to choose from.
    1. Check out the supplies on or Amazon.

  3. Have books or internet sources available for them.
  4. Set aside a time and let them do their thing! If the kids need help, help them, but do not do it for them.
  5. Have books or internet sources available for them.
Here is the other project she made. She has since rolled them up and treasures them. Let me know if you try this with your kids. It can definitely help pass the time, be fun, and be a learning activity at the same time. 

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