Fast and Fun Family Game Night with Pop-Tarts Game

Some of my favorite games are games that relate to pop culture and Kellog's pop-tarts Game from Funko does just that. It makes me wish I had a pop-tart when I play it. It is a great game to play with kids because they have to count their points (math) and use strategy to get bonus cards.

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This is the set up for the pop-tarts game. It can be played 2-6 people at a time. Every player gets a toaster and freezer plate to place pop-tarts on. On players turns they take one card on the side the arrow is pointing. For example in the layout below the chocolate 2 would be taken and placed in the freezer section of the players plate. The three cards closest move toward the freezer and once card is placed in the middle to replace the card that was taken.

Bonus cards can be added to a players hand. These cards give the players more points when they can complete the bonus card.

Players can play action card to change the direction of the pop-tarts (where the pop-tart card is taken from) and other actions.

This is an example of a bonus card being completed. The first person to reach 30 points wins.

My daughter and I had a lot of fun playing this game. It was easy enough to understand, and it required a little more than luck to play the game. Games that are just luck drive us crazy. I would highly recommend this game to those that have children and are looking for a fun game. Find this game on Amazon.

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