60 Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencils by Faber-Castell

I was super excited to buy this box of 60 Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencils. It was a 80 dollars, but the quality is supposed to be amazing! I wanted to pick up the 120 set, but they were out of stock when we were buying the pencils. Faber-Castell colour pencils are have excellent lightfastness, ie they do not fade with light. They are super high quality, with a high break resistance which is good because I have broken more colored pencils than I care to admit. The are water-resistant and smear proof. The lead is fully water soluble to produce some amazing water color effects.

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Here are some swatches I tried with the pencils. I have swatched all of them below.

There is also a wooden tin, but that was 325 dollars or so, way out of my budget. Faber-Castell colour pencils also come in 6, 12, 24, 36, and 60 and 120 count boxes/tins. Their colors are consistent across their brand. 

Color Information
key to the *, *reasonable lightfastness, **high lightfastness, ***maximum lightfastness 
Here are all the colors in the box. Each pencil contains a color name and a color number.
What's inside the box: 
white (101***), cream (102***),  light yellow glaze (104***), cadmium yellow lemon (205***), light cadmium yellow (105***), cadmium yellow (107***), dark cadmium yellow (108***), dark chrome yellow (109***), cadmium orange (111***), dark cadmium orange (115***), pale geranium lake (121***), deep scarlet red (219***), permanent carmine  (126***), middle cadmium red (217***), dark red (225***), madder (142***), rose carmine  (124***), magenta  (133***), pink madder lake  (129**), middle purple pink  (125**), purple violet (136**), mauve (249***), Delft blue  (141***), dark indigo (157***), indanthrene blue  (247***), helioblue-reddish (151***), ultramarine  (120***), phthalo blue (110***), bluish turquoise  (149***), light ultramarine (140***), Prussian blue (246***), cobalt turquoise  (153***), cobalt green  (156***), deep cobalt green (158***), dark phthalo green (264***), light green (171***), emerald green (163***), leaf green (112***), pine green (267***), olive green yellowish (173***), juniper green  (165***), earth green yellowish (168***), chromium green opaque (174***), red-violet (194***), Coral (***), Pompeian red (191***), Venetian red (190***), sanguine (188***), burnt ochre (187***), dark Naples ochre (184***), Naples yellow  (185***), raw umber (180***), Van Dyck brown (176***), burnt siena (283***), walnut brown (177***), warm grey V (274***), warm grey II (271***), cold grey II (231***), cold grey IV (233***), black (199***)
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art Materials has the best price and is an authorized dealer
Here are the swatches before I added water.
Here are the swatches after I added the watercolor. I can not say it is the prettiest swatch chart I have ever done, but I can see how they would look on paper.

Here is the inside of the tin. I love how Faber-Castell thought of everything and have the cutouts for fingers to grab the trays. The box closes really well and stays closed.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 60 Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Pencils Faber-Castell
Year: bought in 2020
Purchase Information: Dick Blick Art Materials
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art Materials has the best price and is an authorized dealer
Part Number: 100-076-321 K
UPC: 4005401175605
Manufacturing Location: Germany

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