All the Current LEGO Colors HEX and RGB Codes

I have an obsession with colors if you have not noticed. It started with Crayola and now has grown to all art supplies and LEGO's. How did the obsession with LEGO colors start? I noticed there were a lot of different colors when I wen tot sort my kids LEGO's. Storing LEGO's is super hard, sort them by color, sort them by type? At first I sorted them by color and when I saw so many colors I wanted to know the color names. What were they called? This sent me on a quest to see all the colors. There are a ton. There are also a ton of retired colors. For right now I am sharing the current colors that are easy to get, because those were the ones in my bins, but later I will update this to include all the colors both retired and current. I have a fascination with these colors that I do not think will go away.

Here is the chart of the all the LEGO colors listed by color family with the color number, and Hex and RGB codes.

Click here to get a copy of this color chart.

What is color a family? LEGO has defined 14 color families. For the most part they make sense except the Green vs. Dark Green and the Purple. The Purple color family should really be the Pink color family in my opinion. The 14 LEGO color families are: black, grey, lilac, blue, dark green, green, yellow, bright orange, reddish brown, red, purple, white, silver, and gold.

The 67 current LEGO colors are: black, titanium metallic, dark stone grey, medium stone grey, transparent, transparent white glitter, white, white glow, cool silver drum lacquered, silver metallic, metalized silver, medium lilac, transparent bright violet glitter, transparent bright violet, medium lavender, lavender, earth blue, sand blue, bright blue, transparent blue, medium blue, light royal blue, transparent fluorescent blue, bright bluish green, dark azur, medium azur, aqua, transparent light blue with glitter, transparent light blue, earth green, dark green, bright green, olive green, bright yellowish green, sand green, spring yellowish green, transparent green, transparent bright green, transparent fluorescent green, transparent fluorescent green with glitter, flame yellow orange, bright yellow, transparent yellow, cool yellow, warm gold, warm gold drum lacquered, metalized gold, fluorescent reddish orange, bright orange, transparent bright orange, vibrant coral, dark brown, reddish brown, dark orange, medium mougat, sand yellow, brown, nougat, light nougat, brick yellow, new dark red, bright red, transparent red, bright reddish violet, medium reddish violet, bright purple, and light purple.

Here is a video showing all the bricks.

That is about it for now. I will add more information as I gather it!

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