Help Children Discover Emotions with the Big Feelings Pineapple

Who says innovation is dead? True there are a lot of toys on the market that are slight variations on other toys, but the "Big Feelings Pineapple" is a very much needed 21st century take on other classic toys. How is the big feelings pineapple better than other toys on the market? It is because the whole premise, "feelings" is a subject that was not talked about years and years ago and does not exist in the older toys. The Big Feelings Pineapple is a fun interactive way for kids to express their feelings.

I was given this toy in exchange for an honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links.

The Big Feelings Pineapple comes with 30 pieces; 26 face pieces, 2 arms, 1 large pineapple, and an instruction sheet. Kids can take those pieces and describe how they are feeling. Then they can use the pineapple to describe how they are feeling with words. If they do not know the words a parent or teacher could help them learn the words. 

The opposite can be true also. A child could say their feelings, such as; they are mad. Then the instructor or parent could help the child express their feelings by finding those pieces and helping them build it. It opens us a dialogue channel for kids where they can communicate their feelings.
When I taught preschool I had some flash cards that I would go over with the kids about different feelings. Another good thing about kids talking about emotions is they can recognize emotions of others. If someone is happy they can be happy with them. If someone is sad they can sympathize with them.
The Big Feelings Pineapple is amazing. My daughter loves playing with it. She likes to put the different eyes, nose an mouth pieces on the pineapple I would highly recommend this toy! Click here to find on Amazon.

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