Best Holiday Toys from Suite Sweet 2021

Do you want to see the coolest toys I found at Sweet Suite this year? There were so many to choose from. There were over 60 companies that cam to Sweet Suite and I only had time to meet with about 20 of them. I was able to see the booths of the other companies I missed and gathered quite a list!

This year Toy Fair did not happen in NYC. Why is that significant? That is when all the toys for the new year are unveiled. Some companies chose to release them around that time and some kept them a secret until an event like this, Sweet Suite!

This blog post contains affiliate links. Images used were provided for use by the companies.

Here are all the companies that came to Sweet Suite at Home 2021. It was held virtual this year. And all I can say after it was one I have been very grateful to connect with these companies virtually and two I can not wait for in person events, especially for something like this. I went to Sweet Suite in 2019 and it was so fun. There is a little fun missing in an event like this. I will say I hope companies continue to reach out virtually because that has been a positive to connect.

Here is an example of what the booths looked like. There were towers that featured different toys or types of toys and then there were ways to connect with the company. There was also lots of press images people like me could use to make a post like this.

Without fail here are my favorite toys from Sweet Suite 2021. Some are available now, but some will not be available until fall. I will leave links to purchase them when they become available.

Art and Steam

Artie Max available August 2021, retails for $99.99.

Artie Max from Educational Insights was one of my favorite toys I have seen this year. He is a programmable robot that can program in five coding languages, Blocky, Snap!, JavaScript, Python and C++. The programs come preloaded and kids can alter the codes to make Artie Max do what they want. Artie can use an markers, but comes with three preloaded markers and makes lots of cool designs with code. 

smART sketcher 2.0 Available now, retails for $59.99

The smART sketcher 2.0 from Flycatcher is a learn to draw and sketch platform. It shines an image on the paper the child can trace.

Paper Butterflies Science Kit, available August 2021, retails for $19.99. 

The Paper Butterflies Science Kit from Crayola is an off shoot of the popular Crayola Paper Flower Kit introduced last year. The paper butterflies absorb the marker ink through capillary action and make super pretty designs. One of the coolest things about this kit is the tray doubles as the work area and display case. That means no extra cups or waste. 


Koosh Paddles available fall
This was by far my favorite toy at Sweet Suite. Why? Because it is a game that dominated my childhood. I had Koosh paddles when I was young and played with my brothers and sisters all the time growing up. I still have them today. Unfortunately the nylon has worn down. I can not wait to get these and teach my kids how to play. 

We made a game of it like Volleyball with a line down the middle. We played to 10. There were overhand serves, underhand serves, trick serves, ie bounce the Koosh ball and then surprise opponents with the serve. The ball could not touch the ground, unless there was a bouncer. That is the ball bounced once and was could be scooped up and sent across the line.

There are also a number of other Koosh products coming out from Play Monster.
USPS Mail Delivery Truck, truck retails for $229, ten retails for $44. 
The USPS Mail Delivery Truck was a collaboration between the United States Postal Service and Kid Trax. It features a mail slot, opening rear door, working headlights and horn. The truck rolls up to the back of the Post Office Truck like real Delivery Trucks would.

LEGO always makes great toys. Here are some of the favorites I saw.

Duplo Minnie Mouse Set 10942 retails for $49.99

Lego Creator Ferris Wheel 3 in 1 31119

Lego World Map 31203

LEGO VIDIYO 43113 and The Boombox 43115 retails for $99.99
Free Play 
L.O.L. Surprise! Color Change Surprise,  available on Amazon 
One of my favorites from MGA was the L.O.L. Surprise! Color Change Surprise Collection. These dolls change color in water and probably in the freezer. They are a simple fun doll for kids.
Harry Potter Figurines
My kids love Harry Potter and so do I. There are other characters, but here were some of my favorite figurines. These will be available in the fall.
Glitter Girls Convertible Car, available now $49.99
My daughter loves anything that moves. She can put her dolls in the car and drive them around everywhere. I love all the free play that can come with a toy like this.

Lori Trailer available December 2021
Battat has a lot of great toys, but this truck and trailer set from the LORI brand was one of my favorites. There is so much potential for free play with this set.

Terra Play Set Animal Hospital
I also loved this free play Terra set by Battat. We have farm houses, but I have never seen a safari house like this. Search Amazon for this toy.

Nano Real Bugs available fall 2021, retails for $24.99
I have pretend bugs at my house, but I do not have these nano REAL BUGS from HEXBUG. What do they do? They have a nano patented vibration technology ie when they are on the ground they move through vibrations. I could see this being a great prank gift.

Vehicles & Electronic

These smART Stix from Flycatcher are super great for kids to learn engineering skills and will be coming out later this year.
Spin Master makes great toys. I have bought a few in the past for my kids. 

On the left is the Jump Fury Air Hog. Find on Amazon. Last year I bought the Air Hog and this year they have the Jump Fury. It retails for $39.99 and can jump up to 22 inches, do 360 degree spins, flips, drops and more! It does not scratch walls or furniture. I love these cars for my kid.

On the right is the Grave Digger Freestyle Force RC. It retails for 59.99. Find it on Amazon. It can do crazy stunts, front and back wheelies, 360 degree spins and flips.

BattleBots Arena Max, available fall 2021 retail price of $119.99.

My kids love Big Hero 6. And guess what? They can have BattleBots and battle in this Arena Max from Hexbug. They can engineer their own robots with interactive hammers to battle one another.

Tamagotchi Pix, available now, retails for $59.99.

Tamagotchi has been around for a while but it made the list this year because it now includes a camera. The camera allows kids to take pictures with character. There is a built-in social media feed, but do not worry it is not real. It is just inside the device. Friends can connect to other devices with Tama Codes. They can explore together, exchange gifts and go on playdates.
Here are some of the favorite games I saw. I loved all the nostalgic ones as can be seen.

Top Row: Seinfeld, Disney Family Feud, Jumanji Deluxe available in the fall
Bottom Row: Star Trek Chess Set from the Noble Collection

Blue's Clues & Loveable Toys
On the right is Blue's Clues Bike. It is currently available at Walmart.
On the left is Blues' Clues and You! Check-up Time Blue. It will sell for 34.99 and will be available fall 2021.
Moji the Lovable Labradoodle Retails for 99.99, available at Target and Amazon October 2021

I fell in love with Moji the Lovable Labradoodle at Toy Fair 2000, but learned he was not coming out until this year. He is a soft, cuddly dog that responds to voice and touch with 150 unique reactions. He wags his tail, tilts his head and does tricks. He is a life like pup.

Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts, available August 2021, retails for $29.99

These Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts from Moose Toys are super cute. It transforms from a messy mutt into a pampered pup with 10 surprises. They get a magical accessory that feels and sounds like a razor. The fur is removed when it comes in contact with the pup.
Pokémon Press, available on Amazon, retails for $11.99.
Pokémon has a lot of cool products, ie their cards and merchandise, but some items I did not know about before hand were their Pokémon press books. I loved these preschool books by Pokémon press. They are designed by Pokémon arts and have over 100 flaps to open. The are the cutest! They are a perfect present for kids that had older siblings that love Pokémon or parents that love Pokémon and want to introduce it to their toddler and preschoolers. Or they are great books in general for children. The Colors and Numbers will be available in October.

I hope you enjoyed this list of all the great toys coming this year! It was so much fun to meet with the companies and see what they had to offer. What is your favorite toy?

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