72 Mondo Llama Colored Pencils

In 2021 Target came out with it's own brand of art supplies, Mondo Llama. The price point is a little higher than Crayola products. I was excited for it, but after buying a set of colored pencils I am not excited anymore. The pencils have no color names! Well some of them do, but not all. What? And that is a big draw back in my opinion. Color names are essential especially if the supplies are not cheap. The 72 colored pencil Mondo Llama set was 25 dollars.

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Another drawback is the colored pencils do not have an AP symbol on the back of the box. That symbol means the supplies have been tested by experts and are not toxic to kids. That is super important in my book to have.

Here are some of the other art supplies they sell. I think it is interesting how they have integrated their Mondo Llama supplies in with the Crayola section. Mondo Llama sells everything from markers, colored pencils, waterbrush markers, canvas, wood art projects, paint, stickers, craft items etc. It will be interesting to see if this line last and how long. I could see getting the more craft side of the supplies, but I probably will not get the actual art supplies.

Back to the art supplies here is the swatch chart of the 72 colored pencils. There were no color names except for some colors, so I used the letter number naming system. The pencils could be labeled with the new name to be able to find it again easily.

Color Information

What's inside the box: 

Most of the colors are not named, the earth tones however were.

  • R (Red colors): 2
  • RV (Red Violet Colors): 7
  • RO (Red Orange Colors): 1
  • O (Orange Colors): 4
  • YO (Yellow Orange Colors): 1
  • Y (Yellow Colors): 2
  • YG (Yellow Green Colors): 4
  • G (Green Colors): 6
  • BG (Blue Green Colors): 2
  • B (Blue Colors): 6
  • BV (Blue Violet Colors): 2
  • E (Earth Tones): 3
  • V (Violet Colors): 2
  • Metallic Colors: 12
  • basswood, sorrel, teach, peach, agate, acacia, bronzite, umber, terra cotta, wren, birch, capiz, black

Where to buy: Target

Collecting Information
Boxes: 72 Mondo Llama Colored Pencils
Year: 2021
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: Target
Part Number: 081 22 1620 R00, IDC-001462-01-024-0075
UPC: 191908481647
Manufacturing Location: Taiwan

Here are pictures of the tin they come in. Note the absence of an AP Symbol on the back.

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