Crayola 24 Cosmic Crayons

Crayola has been throwing new crayons out like crazy. Just in the past couple years 6 new specialty boxes have come out; Confetti, Glitter, Pearl, Neon, Metallic and now Cosmic crayons in 2021. Right now the only way to buy these is in store at Walmart. I was not able to find them in my local Walmart and luckily a follower sent them to me. I am so grateful! Here is the swatches for the colors.

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The colors in this box are space themed. The crayons are INCREDIBLY hard to read. I have no idea why Crayola put silver writing and not black writing on this wrapper. I can not read it at all. They are a combination of pearl and metallic crayons.

Color Information 

Boxes: Crayola 24 Cosmic Crayons
What's inside the box: 

  • supernova, twilight twinkle, asteroid belt, white dwarf, purple pulsar, uranium winter, spaced-out blue, little dipper, halley's comet, martian sandstorm, alien green, pink nebula, aurora borealis, interstellar dust, jupiter's red spot, venus rising, big dipper, starburst, black hole, wormhole, orion's belt, starlight, solar flare, milky way
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: Walmart

Collecting Information
Crayola has released a box named Cosmic Colors crayons before. I have the box. It contained 16 neon and 16 gemtone crayons. I have the box, but have not put it on the website yet. The color palettes are not the same at all.
Boxes: Crayola 24 Cosmic Crayons
Year: 2021
Style Numbers: 58-3447
Code Numbers: 58-3447-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662034474
Manufacturing Location: U.S.A. 
Where to buy: Walmart


  1. A color order like this is great, but if we cannot tell which crayon is which, it is not going to help. After a couple hours with photoshop I have the following list. Can you confirm or correct it?

    1) wormhole
    2) pink nebula
    3) jupiter's red spot
    4) interstellar dust
    5) martian sandstorm
    6) venus rising
    7) solar flare
    8) starlight
    9) star burst
    10) milky way
    11) aurora borealis
    12) alien green
    13) little dipper
    14) asteroid belt
    15) big dipper
    16) uranian winter
    17) white dwarf
    18) orian's belt
    19) spaced out blue
    20) purple pulsar
    21) twilight twinkle
    22) black hole
    23) halley's comet
    24) supernova


  2. I have a box of 24 count Crayola Cosmic Crayons. But,the color that you are calling Uranian Winter is labeled "Winter Solstice" in my box.

  3. I have a box of Crayola Cosmic Crayons. The color that you called Uranian Winter is labeled as Winter Solstice in my box

  4. This is abi

  5. What is Crayola 24 Cosmic Crayons In the 120 Special Effects Crayons?