108 Tombow ABT Dual Brush Water Based Markers

Earlier this year I attended Creativation. It is a conference where all the art supply companies come together and meet with buyers for the coming year. As an influencer I was able to go and meet with the companies. I received a few Tombow markers from Tombow and wrote about what I got. Check out that post here. Needless to say I could not wait to get more. I saved up my pennies and bought the 108 Tombow ABT Dual Brush Water Based Markers. These markers can be used for calligraphy, lettering, bullet journaling, water color, coloring and much more.

This 108 set has been around since 2018. Before that there were only 96 Tombow markers. They added the colors 31 Lemon Lime, 291 Alice Blue, 379 Jade Green, 401 Aqua, 403 Bright Blue, 407 Tiki Teal, 569 Jet Blue, 803 Pink Punch, 817 Mauve, 910 Opal, N49 Warm Gray 8, N52 Cool Gray 8.

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Click here to buy these on Blick Art Supplies.
Click here to get this chart.

Click here for swatch charts for all the Tombow markers in circular form.

Click here for swatch charts for all the Tombow markers in rectangular form.

Tombow markers have a color number and color name. The color number depends on its color family. 0's are yellow, 1's are yellow greens, 2's are greens, 3's are blue greens, 4's are green blues, 5's are blues, 6's are violets, 7's are red violets, 8's are reds, 9's are browns, and N's are grays.

The marker has the color name on the side, the cap is coordinated to the color, but does not always match the color and contains the UPC for the color. The markers can be bought in sets or individually. Check out the post I did with that has all the Tombow sets along with HEX and RGB codes.

The marker has a brush and fine tip for writing. There is one barrel for the ink which they share.

Color Information
Here are all the colors in the box. Each marker contains a color number.

What's inside the box: 

The complete set of 108 Tombow markers includes: 020 Peach, 025 Light Orange, 026 Yellow Gold, 027 Dark Ochre, 055 Process Yellow, 062 Pale Yellow, 076 Green Ochre, 090 Lemon Cream, 098 Avocado, 126 Light Olive, 131 Lemon Lime, 133 Chartreuse, 158 Dark Olive, 173 Willow Green, 177 Dark Jade, 192 Asparagus, 195 Light Green, 228 Gray Green, 243 Mint, 245 Sap Green, 249 Hunter Green, 277 Dark Green, 291 Alice Blue, 296 Green, 312 Holly Green, 346 Sea Green, 373 Sea Blue, 379 Jade Green, 401 Aqua, 403 Bright Blue, 407 Tiki Teal, 443 Turquoise, 451 Sky Blue, 452 Process Blue, 476 Cyan, 491 Glacier Blue, 493 Reflex Blue, 515 Light Blue, 526 True Blue, 528 Navy Blue, 533 Peacock Blue, 535 Cobalt Blue, 553 Mist Purple, 555 Ultramarine, 565 Deep Blue, 569 Jet Blue, 603 Periwinkle, 606 Violet, 620 Lilac, 623 Purple Sage, 636 Imperial Purple, 665 Purple, 673 Orchid, 676 Royal Purple, 679 Dark Plum, 685 Deep Magenta, 703 Pink Rose, 723 Pink, 725 Rhodamine Red, 743 Hot Pink, 755 Rubine Red, 757 Port Red, 761 Carnation, 772 Dusty Rose, 800 Pale Pink, 803 Pink Punch, 815 Cherry, 817 Mauve, 835 Persimmon, 837 Wine Red, 845 Carmine, 847 Crimson, 850 Light Apricot, 856 Poppy Red, 873 Coral, 879 Brown, 885 Warm Red, 899 Redwood, 905 Red, 910 Opal, 912 Pale Cherry, 925 Scarlet, 933 Orange, 942 Cappuccino, 946 Gold Ochre, 947 Burnt Sienna, 969 Chocolate, 977 Saddle Brown, 985 Chrome Yellow, 990 Light Sand, 991 Light Ochre, 992 Sand, 993 Chrome Orange, N15 Black, N25 Lamp Black, N35 Cool Gray 12, N45 Cool Gray 10, N49 Warm Gray 8, N52 Cool Gray 8, N55 Cool Gray 7, N57 Warm Gray 5, N60 Cool Gray 6, N65 Cool Gray 5, N75 Cool Gray 3, N79 Warm Gray 2, N89 Warm Gray 1, N95 Cool Gray 1, N00 Colorless Blender.

Where to buy: Blick Art Supplies

Here is a picture of the container for the markers. The top of the case is not on it. The markers can be put together to form a rectangle or spread apart. Tombow recommends to store these horizontally.


It is hard to know what color order to sort these in. Here they are sorted zig zag along the whole case.

Here they are sored in the smaller sections zig zag. Which do you like better?

Collecting Information
This would be a great set to collect because there is one of every color in this set.
Boxes: 108 Tombow ABT Dual Brush Water Based Markers
Year: 2018
Purchase Information: Tombow
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art Materials has the best price and is an authorized dealer
Part Number: 56178
UPC: 085014561785
Manufacturing Location: China

Here are pictures of the case. The top clips on top of the storage container.

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