Coloring with New Tombow Supplies!

Have you tried Tombow supplies? I have used their adhesives for years. But I have not used their markers before.  My husband has used their pencils and erasers. I was so excited to receive these supplies from Tombow in exchange for an honest review. Scroll through this blog post and see what I have made.

Have you ever tried alchohol markers? Tombow makes water based markers and alcohol markers in 108 colors. When I first tried alcohol markers they were intimidating. I had to learn how to use them. I was a little intimidated when I got these ABT-PRO alcohol markers from Tombow. I wondered if I could use them the same as other alcohol markers. I learned that yes, they work the same!  I think this is my favorite thing I colored today and it makes me want to get more alcohol markers!

This blog post contains affiliate links. The art supplies were provided by Tombow and the coloring book by Hopscotch Girls.

I colored the bottom right flower first. I just used one color and layered on the marker. The first petal I did not go with the grain of the flower and I can tell. These are after all practice flowers...After I made all my strokes in the grain of the flower. And then I layered the flower with more strokes at the edges.

The next flower I used two colors to make the petals. I used P815 an P856. I colored the whole thing with the pinker shade then used the red shade on the edge of the petals. Then I followed with a layer of more pink adjacent the red. I then blended the pink shade back into the red shade by coloring over the joint with the lighter color, ie blending with the lighter shade. 

For the last one I used two markers only. I used layering techniques, blending two colors by blending with the lighter marker, and holding the marker tip to marker tip to get the graduated color effect. That flower is my favorite. 

I found out my favorite thing about alcohol markers is they are super fast to color with. It would have taken me four times as long to color with with colored pencils. They can be so versatile especially when different coloring techniques are used with them.

Here is some leaf practice. It is amazing the gradients that can be achieved by using one marker.

Here are all the supplies that I received from Tombow after Creativation/Art Materials World. I was super excited to get them. It was like Christmas! There are 3 TwinTones missing from this picture, but I made something to show using the TwinTone.

I colored this page from the Hopscotch Girls "I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful”
Coloring book using the water based markers from Tombow. I used a rainbow order color palette. Since I did not get a purple water-based marker with the set I used a Twin Tone. It blended pretty well. I colored half the letter and used the colorless blender to color in the bottom. 

This page was fun to make. I used the water based markers and the blending palette. It is my abstract art creation. I used the blending palette and spray bottle to make the splatter background. The blending palette blended the blue and green together, but the elements of the colors were still there and helped the words stand out and be tied to the color of the background. I then colored in the "I am Creative" with the two markers. I used the colorless blender to spread some of the color around the word bubble. I think I may even spread it all the way around the whole bubble. Sometimes it is good to keep going with coloring, but good to know when to stop. It is a balance.
My daughter colored this page with all the Tombows. I love her creativity!
Here is some lettering I did with the Tombow TwinTone. I used a Mono pencil to make the lines, because I can not make a straight one for the life of me. Then I did some faux calligraphy. I used the other tip of the TwinTone to outline and then I used the sand and rubber eraser to erase the lines.
The paper I used is Hahnemuhle Nostalgie white paper and DCWV cardstock. Click here to find the paper I used on Blick.

I dug up some of my cards I have made the past few years using Tombow adhesives. Which one is your favorite? A Cricut and rubber stamps also help with card making.

The last thing I am showing is a drawing my husband has done with the Mono 3B pencil. He loves these as shown by the short pencil. I love this drawing he did!

All in all I loved all the supplies from Tombow and can not wait to color some more! What was your favorite project or supply?

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