2022 New Products from Crayola

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting with Crayola. Toy Fair was canceled this year again, but I was able to meet with them over Zoom and see all the cool new products coming from Crayola in 2022. Some of them are available now, and some will be available later this year. I will update the links to get them as the year goes on.

This blog post contains affiliate links. Images provided by Crayola and used with permission.

Colors of the World Fine Line Markers and Premium Project Paper
Available Now: Markers, Paper
I am super excited for these new additions to the Colors of the World line. The fine line markers will be welcomed by colorists, letterers, kids and bullet journalists. They can be used to represent 40 global skin tones. I would love to see this in play. They should put out a mixing chart. The Premium project paper contains 2 pages of each specially formulated colors. And there is an index sheet with all the colors. I will definitely be getting both of these. I already have the markers. 

Tie-Dye Color Chemistry Lab Set 
Available September 2022
Crayola is expanding the Steam line with the another Color Chemistry Labe set. This kit includes 50 fun and playful tie-dye experiments. Projects range from color kaleidoscope to volcanoes. The kit includes: 3 Neon Inks, 2 Reservoirs, 3 Neon Crayons, 1 Satin Sheet, 1 Kaleidoscope
Card, 1 6ct Paint Pot Strip, 1 Benham Wheel Disk, 1 Color Wheel, 1 Slime Parts A&B, 10
Filter Paper Disks, 1 Display Container & Cap, 1 Spin Top, 1 Volcano Core, 2 Packs of
Light Clay, 9 Fizzy Tabs, 1 Alginate Tube, 1 Calcium Chloride & Cap, 1 Beaker, 1
Measuring Cylinder, 1 Pipette, 1 Paint Brush, 1 Easy to Read 50 page Experiment
Guide Booklet.

I would be a little nervous for this one because my 3 year old daughter loves the little ink bottles Crayola makes and ruined our family room rug with the ink earlier this year. I would definitely make sure this is done with an adult present and store way up high so 3 year old hands do not get it. It looks like a super awesome set.

Critter Creator and Glow Art Studio
Available September 2022
When Crayola showed me these sets at the preview I was super stoked. Kids absolutely LOVE glow in the dark. These will be on my kids Christmas lists for sure.

The Glow Art Studio is a big, reusable surface with a unique light wand kits can draw with. Kids can use stencils or draw free hand. The drawings magically disappear and the kids can draw again later. This is some very cool technology and I am sure will be a hit.

The Critter Creator Fossil Kit is not glow in the dark, but a kit where kids can build, paint and fossilize ten different critters with air dry clay. The critters include molds for: dragonflies, spiders, hornets, scorpions, lady bugs and more. There is a 11" x 17" mat included which serves a workstation. This is genius Crayola. 

And last but not least the Critter Creator Glow Bugs is a kit where kids can make a spider, scorpion,
centipede or mix and match body parts to create a unique, one of a kind critters with air
dry clay. The kit includes glow paint. Yes glow paint! There is also a reusable mat includes with this set. I can see this being super popular too, especially glow paint. I want to just get that by itself.

Glow Fusion Marker Color Sets
Available September 2022
Another set I was SUPER excited about the the Glow Fusion sets coming out this fall. These sets feature 5 Glow markers. Kids can color in the dark with these three fun sets. The colors of the new Glow Makers from Crayola are: Radioactive Red, Hazmat Orange, Laser Lemon, Gamma Green, and Blutonium. I will definitely be getting a set when they come out, or more than one so my kids can use a set too and I can save one in my collection.

Crayola Project Erasable Poster Markers
Cryaola has come out with markers that erase. The specially designed eraser erases the ink. I am not sure what kind of eraser this is. Tombow has a sand eraser that will erase colored pencil and markers. I do not know if this eraser will work on other markers. Some of the previous erasable markers from Crayola had another marker included with the set that when drawn over it the color would disappear. But then no ink could be applied anymore. This is not that kind of marker, but a marker with an eraser. There are 6 colors available.
Less-Mess Painting Activity Kit
Available September 2022
This all-in-one activity kit one activity kit from Crayola features five different less mess painting
activities so young kids can explore and experiment with stamping, stenciling, texture art,
silhouette art and resist art. It includes: 5 Washable Paint Sticks, 3 Spill Proof Paints, 1 Black and 1 White Crayon, 3 Stencil Brushes, 4 Foam Stampers, 3 Foam Texture Scrapers, 4 Stencils, 2 Silhouette Sticker Sheets, Scraper Tool, 20 Sheets of Paper, and an Instruction Idea Guide.

This looks like a very fun painting set for kits, though I would question the "less-mess" of the activity. I have had paint sticks and they are like crayons, but a lot more buttery and easy to draw on surfaces. My kids had these one time and drew on rock and it did not come off very easily. That said they are really fun sticks to color with and fun for kids. But definitely supervise with those. I have not tried the spill proof paints yet, but Crayola's paint is better than anything acrylic for kids. Crayola paint comes out of clothes very easily. This would be a great set for preschoolers doing a nature unit or older kids wanting to have fun.

Scribble Scrubbies
Available Now
There are several new Scribble Scrubbies already available this year. It is a line that was introduced a few years ago and is still going strong. Kids can color their pets and then play with them. Available right now is Safari Pets Treehouse, Scented Spa that comes with scented spray only available at Walmart, and Artic Pets Igloo. These all include 2 pets, 3 markers, and 1 play set. 

Available September 2022
The Scribble Scrubbie Snow Explorer will be available in September 2022. It is a little larger with 3 pets, 6 markers and a play set.

Clay Sculpting Station
Available September 2022   
This clay station may be one of my favorite kits for kids. I can see my daughter LOVING it. Kid can build, sculpt and pain three animal sculptures and a mini clay pot. There is a built in turn table. That is my favorite part. It includes: air-dry clay, Dry Clay, 2 6 ct Paint Pot Strips, 2 Clay Pot Texture
Plates, 2 Paint Brushes, 1 Clay Sculpting Tool, 1 Resealable Bag for Leftover Clay, and
a Step by Step Instructions Guide.

The case is perfect for clean up and transporting around the house.

Color & Erase
The Color & Erase line is new to Crayola this year. I think it basically a plastic page or mat that can be erased. The marker can be washed away with water when the drawing is done. These are great for car rides, Easter gifts, and fun summer activities.

Color Wonder Foldalopes and Activity Pads
I watched Spider Man with my kids today, the very first one of the modern ones. My three year old is usually into Princesses and Gabby Cat right now, but when she saw this Spidey Amazing Friends set as I was working on this today she wanted it! Looks like I know what she will be getting for Easter. Both of these sets are great. These are really mess free because the markers only draw on the page provided. The foldalopes work okay. The markers do not really stay in the envelope for us and end up in our marker bin, but the thought is good. These are great for toddlers who like to color on every thing!


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