5 New Neutral Zebra Mildliner Colors

In December I did a Tik Tok where I made "art supply predictions". One of the predictions was that we would get more Mildliner colors! And guess what, we did! I am so excited to share these with you today. The new Zebra Mildliner set for 2022 is the Neutral set with cream, beige, copper, olive, and cool gray. The Mildliners will now be available in 30 different colors with 6 different color palette sets. Mildliners are greate for bullet journaling, planning, studying and highlighting and coloring. They do not bleed through most paper, which I love! These colors come in the Chisel and bullet tip.

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I could not find these to buy them online, but contacted Zebra and was able to get a set in exchange for a review.

The soonest I see these available is in April of this year on Blick. They can be preordered. They should be available on Amazon, Michaels, Target and Joann Fabric Stores too.

I used these markers to practice writing the months of the year. 

Here is the case for the markers.

The best thing about Mildliners is the name is on the Marker! And there is a barcode for each marker. I recently replaced my Yellow, my favorite highlighter color, because it was gone.

Here is the back of the box. The product number is 78605 and UPC is 045888786059. They are made and packaged in Mexico.

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