Creating a Fall Pumpkin Display by Color Matching Paint and Markers

Do you like to paint? I love to paint, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what colors to get. But guess what? Artists and crafters do not need to get 100 colors to paint, just the basic colors and then the rest of the colors can be made from that. For this project I chose a palette from markers and tried to recreate them with paint. I have a blog post all about color theory. It is super helpful to know how to create all the colors. The advantage to paint over markers is the paint can spread faster and the paint can be any chosen color. The possibilities are endless. When I was using the colors I wanted a more teal color than I had. I had to blend two markers, but with paint I could make it whatever color I wanted.

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Part of the advantage to doing something with markers instead of paint is if a mistake is made then a canvas is not wasted, just paper.

To start my project I made a template of the project I wanted to paint. I used markers to make it. See how I tried to blend the markers because it was not quite the teal I wanted? I also changed the vines to be brown later because I didn't like the orange.

Here is what I ended up making with paint! I think the colors turned out pretty good. Read on to see how I figured out how to make the colors. I was nervous, but most of the colors I got on the first try.

The base colors I had were blue, red, yellow, green, white and black. Here are some of the starter colors for gray, red and teal.

Here are all the base colors mixed with my guesses for the colors. For the teal I did a little green, white and blue. For the gray I used a tiny amount of black and then white. For the orange I did yellow and red. I do not have any fancy stir sticks so I used toothpicks. The tray is from Yasutomo.

Here is my first attempt at colors. I love the teal and gray. The orange was too red.

I had no idea what colors for the brown. In my color theory post I knew that brown is a mix of all the primary colors. I decided to try it. And then I added more yellow to the orange.

The brown worked and the orange was much better!

I then drew my template in pencil because I am not good at free hand.

I used two brushes to get the wide and skinny part of fall.

Here is the finished piece! I decided not to add the black outline, but I may do that later. I was so happy with how this turned out. 

Here is the comparison of the two. Which one is your favorite. I hope this helps and see that it is not scary to mix paint colors!

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