Crayola Water Color Pencils: What's Inside the Box

Crayola Watercolor pencils can be used in several different ways.  The tip can get wet and then used on a paper, the paper can be wet and then the pencils used on the paper, and finally the pencil can be used and then a paint brush used to spread the color.  I like using a paint brush with these and using the pencil wet.  I like the way the color spreads with these methods.

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I had some of the pencils I had when I was young and loved them.  I have a few of the pencils still, but unfortunately not the box. I love the paintbrush on the side of the pencil.

Collecting Information
Boxes: 12 Crayola Watercolor Pencils, 24 Crayola Watercolor Pencils
Other Boxes: Probably at least 8 other 12 count boxes, this is -208, there are 6 other 24 count boxes, this is -206
Year: 2012
What's inside the box: 12 count: brown, magenta, white, green, yellow green, red, yellow, orange, black, violet, blue, sky bule, 24 count: cool gray, brown, white, gray, black, blue violet, violet, blue, sky blue, green blue, aqua green, pine green, green, yellow green, yellow, peach, yellow orange, orange, salmon, red orange, red, magenta, mahogany, red violet
Purchase Information: Target in 2014
Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, any store that sells Crayola products
Style Numbers: 68-4302 (12 count), 68-4304 (24 count)
Code Numbers: 68-4302-0-208 (12 count), 68-4304-0-206 (24 count)
UPC: 071662006273 (12 count), 071662043049

2012 12 Water Color Pencils

2012 24 Water Color Pencils

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